Winter 2023

Baronial News -We are pursuing adding those zip codes in Midhaven back in to the Barony; at the December meeting it was voted and approved. The Seneschal has received the zip codes from Kingdom, and now can officially start reaching out to get in touch with as many people in Midhaven as possible and ask… Continue reading Winter 2023

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Summer- 2023

This summer we had our Baronial Championships August 5, congratulations to our Champions: Rapier- Conal Macclaren Armored- Refr-brandr Geirleiksson Archery- Adrianna the Fierce Thrown weapons- Phillip Eden Games- Eibhlin inghean Shein Photo Credits: HL Samira We also hosted another successful Banner War. We had 245 attendees; in addition to the heavy fighting, there was rapier,… Continue reading Summer- 2023

The Murmurs – Summer 2022 / AS 57

This is the Baronial Newsletter for the Barony of Aquaterra July-August-September 2022/AS 57 The Barony had a very busy summer! We had a full Baronial Encampment at July Coronation. In August, Their Excellencies invited the populace to attend our annual Baronial Championships. From amid a dazzling array of competitors, please congratulate our new Baronial Champions:… Continue reading The Murmurs – Summer 2022 / AS 57