Greetings from the Baron & Baroness

Unto the Populace of Aquaterra and Bearwood do we, Geirleikr and Zahra, Coronets of Aquaterra, send Greetings.

This first quarter of our year has already flown by filled with snow and ice. During this time we have been honored to see our Populace reach out to each other in friendship to make sure that those who needed assistance received that assistance. We are blessed by the caring nature of our Populace. We are also grateful that even during this time of snowflakes and frost we were able to attend events such as Bearwood’s Lunar New Year Tea, Wyewood’s Feast of St. Bubba, and Blatha an Oir’s Candlemas.

We have also seen new officers step up so that others may have rest. We would like to thank Lady Emma Compton, Lady Sharon of House Burning Bear, Lady Samira al-Wadi, and Lord Skallagrim Grimkjellson for their noble service to the Barony and Lord Garo Laso for his service to the Canton. Please welcome Lord Volund Ingennam, Lady Adrianna the Fierce, Lord Biorn biarnylr Atlason, Lady Luca Delmare, Baroness Arianne Farnsworth of Falconmoors, Master Robyrt of Watersyde, m’lady Michelle of Aquaterra, m’lord Jon of Aquaterra, m’lord Bedros of Aquaterra, and m’lord Nikolai Flandropov as they all assume the duties of their respective offices.

As we move into the spring of our first year as the coronets of Aquaterra we look forward to many events filled with arts, sciences, medieval tournaments, wars, joy and laughter. We hope that during camping events you will join us at the baronial encampment or under the Baronial pavilion near the erics so that we may strengthen the camaraderie within our Barony. We welcome you.

In joyful service,

Geirleikr Veðrson Hersir Sheika Zahra bint al-Rammah
Arms of Geirleikr Veðrson Hersir Arms of Sheika Zahra bint al-Rammah