Winter 2023

Baronial News

-We are pursuing adding those zip codes in Midhaven back in to the Barony; at the December meeting it was voted and approved. The Seneschal has received the zip codes from Kingdom, and now can officially start reaching out to get in touch with as many people in Midhaven as possible and ask if they would like the zip codes to go back to Aquaterra.

Baronial Events

In December, we hosted the annual Good Yule Feast (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland Event Stewards)

We had108 people through the door, including several newcomers!

Thank you to everyone who donated to and participated in both the Silent Auction and the Dessert Auction
Our Barony raised:

$475 from the Silent Auction to be donated to the Raven Travel Fund
$660 from the Dessert Auction to be donated to Beck’s Place

We are still awed, inspired, and humbled by the glorious pieces of effort brought forward by the competitors in our A&S and Bardic Competitions.

Congratulations to Sigbjorg Kaladottir in Froda our new A&S Champion and Sir Brand deux-Leons our new Bardic Champion.
The competition was fierce, and we are greatly looking forward to sharing this next year with you as our champions.

Their Excellencies and the members of The Falcon’s Talon inducted their newest member, HL Loftr Jolgeirsson!


Society News
Commentary Request – Proposed Changes – Chatelaine and DEIB
The Board invites commentary from members and participants on the proposed changes to Corpora for the Chatelaine and DEIB
The Board of Directors is currently considering changes to Corpora. It invites commentary from the membership and participants.

These changes aim to enhance recruitment and member retention in the SCA. They also aim to further support these goals. They elevate the Society Chatelaine to a greater Society Officer. They align local and regional chatelaines to this same structure. It is a strategic move. It aims to support the implementation of comprehensive recruitment and retention strategies. It also aims to align the office to a clear vision.

Society for Creative Anachronism (

You can now find all Kingdoms’ Event Calendars in one place.

*Special thanks to HL Samira for her photos.

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