The Murmurs – Summer 2022 / AS 57

This is the Baronial Newsletter for the Barony of Aquaterra

July-August-September 2022/AS 57

The Barony had a very busy summer!

We had a full Baronial Encampment at July Coronation.

In August, Their Excellencies invited the populace to attend our annual Baronial Championships. From amid a dazzling array of competitors, please congratulate our new Baronial Champions:

  • Rapier- Conal Macclaren
  • Armored- Refr-brandr Geirleiksson
  • Archery- Adrianna the Fierce
  • Thrown weapons- Phillip Eden
  • Games- Eibhlin inghean Shein
Photo: HL Samira
Photo: HL Samira
Photo: HL Samira

Their Excellencies also recognized members of our Barony with the following awards:

  • Mieczysław Czarnecki – Silver Dolphin
  • Conal MacLaren – Shield of St. Ursul

At September Crown, Aquaterra’s own Sir Athos (Athanasios) Belisarios, inspired by Mistress Alienora Greymoor – won the day to become our new Crown Prince & Princess.

Huzzah to Their Royal Highnesses!

In September, we also hosted Banner War beneath an eerie sky and blood red sun due to wildfires close to the site.

Photo: HL Landinn


There was a change to Kingdom Law regarding the Merchant Policy, Q & A can be found here.

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