January 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

January 31, 2023

Location: Señor Sergio’s Mexican Grill, 4305 Rucker Ave, Everett, WA 98203

Call to Order: 7:00pm

Words from the Coronets Baron Geirleikr Veðrson & Baroness Zahra bint al-Rammah

Thanks for everyone helping out at Ursulmas. We will have a Baronial camp at May Crown, we need your dimensions.

Officer Reports:

o Seneschal: NEW! HL Sabina di Zorzi

  • Temporary Contingency Seneschal: Maighster Conal MacLaren *looking for a new deputy.
  • There have been some reports of folk who were at the event testing positive with COVID today.  Be careful and take care, please!
  • Calling diplomatic organizers!  I’m seeking a new Contingency Seneschal as well as other deputies to start training and working on projects together.  One of my main goals is to have a Seneschal team so there’s training, support, and the ability to prioritize actually creating a user friendly Aquaterra specific event coordinating guide, with things like site specific knowledge.
  • Communications improvement in all aspects is one of my number one goals, which means I’ll be expecting others to make the effort at that improvement as well.
  • I would like to have some one-on-one time with each officer to determine how I can best help you and make sure we have all information on file up to date.  I want to handle this before the next business meeting.
  • One of my other goals is to help shift folk’s understanding of consent to “Yes means Yes” instead of “No means No” and recognizing that that applies to more than sex and hugs.  An incident was reported of an inappropriate comment (“I’m fine waiting, especially if it’s behind a pretty lady”) said to a lady in line at the event this weekend.  Please remember that commenting on somebody’s body without consent quite often comes off as creepy for many folk, so be sure to seek consent before saying something like that and respect that different folk have different comfort levels with different folk.  (Conscientious Bystanding video to be posted by Zahra).
  • Webminister: Signore Giovani dell’Arco – office is in transition. He needs INFORMATION and communication. Adding links to social media profiles for Barony.
  • Social Media: HL Katla Mani

We have IG 373 + 6 new total followers. FB: 1.3 K followers/9 new members/2 new followers, including, Discord 27 members, Twitter 6 followers

o Exchequer: Lady Jaida al-SaHraa

  • Contingency Exchequer: NEW! HL Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile
  • Checking Balance: $39,838.53
  • Savings Balance: $26,302.53
  • Checks since last meeting:
  • $103.80 to Linda Haslock for Good Yule Food
  • $744.61 to Kay Raraigh for Good Yule Food
  • $6000 to Elizabeth Mounce (Buzzy) for Ursulmas Gate Float
  • $536 to Public Storage for February Rent
  • $200 to Geri Ellis for new Sandwich Board Signs
  • $1250 to High Road Promotions for Ursulmas Site
  • $76.43 to Trever Czarnecki for Ursulmas Supplies
  • $99.61 to Bethany Dukelis for Ursulmas Supplies
  • $200 to Harlan Clark for Ursulmas Prizes
  • $153.61 to Trever Czarnecki for Ursulmas Site Tokens
  • $627.32 to Sound Equipment for Ursulmas Dirt Roller
  • Checks to be cut when signers available:
  • N/A
  • Checks waiting for Request:
  • Financial Committee Meeting:
  • Lady Sophia Aland is new FC Populace Vote
  • Miecyslaw is new FC Populace Vote
  • Ursulmas Reimbursements requests to be filled out
  • Budgets are needed – Jaida to try to find old ones in Exchequer Files
  • FC Voted to allow PayPal to be used at Ursulmas Gate on 1/7/23
  • Have not received payment from Kingdom yet
  • 1 Bid for Boar’s Hunt 2023
  • Expecting at least one more bid, so holding off on Vote
  • 0 Bids for Champions 2023
  • 0 Bids for Banner War 2023
  • 0 Bids for Good Yule 2023
  • Discuss Honey Bucket Contract
  • Fairgrounds Refund will come to barony.
  • Barony to refund guest first
  • Jaida to contact guest
  • Thrown Weapons only has 1 axe and 1 spear
  • FC to check storage for Archery/Thrown Weapons stuff

Feel free to stay for the financial meeting.

  • Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
  • Everything has been returned to the storage unit with the addition of one stage that was lent to us for Ursulmas. We will be working on a plan to have that returned to its proper home. 
  • Big thanks to Halldorr for providing his truck to get things there and back, but also to Maester Conal for volunteering his truck to haul things back when we ran out of room in Halldorr’s truck.
  • *We need to discuss contracts for regalia/baronial possessions that do NOT live in the Baronial Storage Unit.

o Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason

Ursulmas ran well, 138 fighters, some minor failures and a disagreement. Will verify info on calendar is correct.

  • Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson

Regional war practice date TBD

  • Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley


  • Baronial Archer: Lord Criostal Sealgaire

No practices to report, Ursulmas went well. Just reached his4th year, looking for a replacement. Will train.

  • Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland

-No practices to report, Ursulmas went well.

  • Minister of Lists: HL Elizabeth Pendarvis

-No report. Lists happened at Ursulmas.

o Gorges Herald: HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki

-Awards given – Favors, Red Bulls, Shield of St. Ursul

Refbrand elevated to the chivalry (former squired to His Excellency). John de Percy Silver Dolphin AoA

Baronial Scribe: NEW! Lady Genevieve DeMarais

-new scribe

o Minister of Arts and Sciences: HL Kathryn Garnett

-Loved Ursulmas, Ursulwyck went well, 2/5 next A & S usual location. Check the website.

  • Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain

-Game Day at Mukilteo Library Her Deputy ran Ursulmas, newcomer Social tomorrow will be games.

  • Costumer’s Guild: Magistra Lorenzia di Simonetti

-She is ill. Costumer Guild presented at Ursulmas.

  • Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee

-January dance practice – quiet. This week there is practice in Porte de L’Eau/ Master Trahearn. 2023 Knowne Worlde Symposium bid withdrawn due to hotel issues.

o Chatelaine/Gold Key: Lady Dzovinar Korikosen

-Jan 4th meeting 5 people, 1 newcomer. Chatelaine table at Ursulmas with some newcomers. Meeting tomorrow Mukilteo library.

o Chronicler: HL Landinn de Marest

  • All Murmurs are up to date excepting Q4 which will be up this evening. Quarterly report will be completed by this evening. 
  • We had an issue with the 2-factor authentication, I sent an email to the Kingdom Web Minister to have it resolved in January, have not heard back. Re-sent a second request. 
  • Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini
  • -Nothing specific to report. Trying to archive photos digitally. Create a digital archive.

Officer Vacancies:

o Contingency Seneschal         

o Youth & Family Activities *applicant Sorcha going through background check


o Youth Armored Combat

o Equestrian

o Gold Key

o Games Minister

o Reservations

Deputies are needed for many officers! *Backfill from your community!


Her Excellency received a message from Midgard Viking Festival, they are looking for demo/fighters. Will refer to the Chatelaine 9th/10th September – Banner War conflict.

Canton of Bearwood – 2 year suspension as of 3/14/21. No change in the status of the Canton of Bearwood.  As always, if interested in re-establishing the Canton, please speak with the Seneschal and Their Excellencies to arrange a time to speak about how to resolve the suspension.

Event Reports:

o Ursulmas (HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki and HL Steve Desjardin) – January 27-29

Arena side – very good numbers, lots of rapier fighters = 72. 138 = heavy. Will have a feedback session to discuss pros/cons and out of area help/marshals. 851 adults, 130 youth. 4 RVs 17 merchants

Herald Report

Location: Ursulmas

Elevated to the Order of Chivalry: Refbrandr Geirleikrsson

Award of Arms given to: Ambrose of Aquaterra

Kanin Gustavson

Sigrid Hrafnsdottir

Griffe et du Lion given to: Biorn Atalson

Entered into the order of Terpsichore’s Fox:

Alan ap Neal

Soelig Sweteglee

Jambe de Lion given to: Rhodri Longshanks

Bids Needed:

o Boars Hunt – June 2-4

o Aquaterra Champions – August 5

o Banner War – September 8-10

o Good Yule – DRF needed

o Ursulmas 2024 – DRF needed

Closing Words

“Thus Ends”


21 attending

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