November 2023 Business Meeting

November 28th, 2023

Location: Evergreen branch of the Everett Public Library, 9512 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204

Words from the Coronets Baron Geirleikr Veðrson:
Looking forward to Yule and Ursulmas

*Seneschal: HL Sabina di Zorzi

At the business meeting on Tuesday, we decided to pursue adding the Midhaven neighbors into our Barony since the Shire only has about a month left before their two years mark of being in abeyance. We have many folk who actively play in the Barony, but live in the Shire area and would like to make this officially their home!

If folk who currently reside in the following zip codes can e-mail me at with their SCA name, current zip code, and support for being added to Aquaterra, then I can gather the responses and submit them to Kingdom next month.

Midhaven Zip Codes:

Zip CodeCityCounty
98222Blakely IslandSan Juan
98243Deer IslandSan Juan
98245EastsoundSan Juan
98250Friday HarborSan Juan
98257La ConnerSkagit
98261Lopez IslandSan Juan
98273Mount VernonSkagit
98274Mount VernonSkagit
98279OlgaSan Juan
98280OrcasSan Juan
98284Sedro WooleySkagit
98286Shaw IslandSan Juan
98297WaldronSan Juan

I look forward to hearing from everyone!

Banner War 2024 is now on the calendar. FYI, Blatha an Oir has moved the dates for Autumn War into September.
No news on the TriBaronial Feast for 2024. I think we’re all trying to get through this year’s feasts first.
Need new Contingecny and Events deputy

Contingency Seneschal – HL Samira al Wadi

Events Deputy – OPEN

*Webminister: Signore Giovani dell’Arco
No report submitted

*Social Media: HL Katla Mani
I sent one message to the Reeds for a correction to Games Day. I also reached out to Giovanni because the social media gmail email that I use for emailing and receiving emails from the reeds was generating messages about storage being almost full and that emails would not be able to be sent from that account once it was full. He is looking into why updraft suddenly started uploading several files per day which was what was taking up all the storage space.

Facebook we have 1338 likes and 1424 followers, Likes up and followers up by 18 from last month. (6 post made in November so far, plus 8 posts in the Good Yule event and one in the Ursulmas event)
Twitter we have 8 followers (4 tweets made in October)
Instagram we have 404 followers. Up 1 from last month (1 posts made in November)
Discord we have 36 members. Up 1 from last month. (8 posts/comments made in the various channels).

Youth & Family Activities Coordinator: OPEN

*Exchequer: Lady Jaida al-SaHraa
Contingency Exchequer: HL Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile

2024 Budgets:

If you have any expected budgetary needs for 2024, please submit an email with your requested budget (please provide an explanation of what these funds are being requested for) to prior to the Business meeting tomorrow. Alternatively, please bring a copy with you to the meeting to provide the Financial Committee. I will go over proposed budgets at this meeting, and the Financial Committee will then vote on the budgets at the December Financial Meeting so they can be in place for 2024.

P.S. If you responded in the comments of my last Facebook post about this, (or emailed me already) I have noted this in my Financial Meeting Agenda already.

Checks since last meeting:


Checks to be cut after Business Meeting:

Kingdom of An Tir for Banner War NMS (245/111 attendance)

Greenhaus Portable Restrooms for Banner War Biffies

Masonic Family Park for Boar’s Hunt

Masonic Family Park for Banner War

Checks waiting for Request:

6 month Public Storage – need FC Vote

Good Yule Food Budget


November is our last prepaid month of Storage. Renewed for 6 months last time

Price increase of $34/mo


Request for Business:


Event Bids:

Boar’s Hunt 2024 – needs bids

Champions 2024 – needs bids

Banner War 2024 – needs bids

FC Votes: Public Storage for 6 months again 5/7

*Events deputy

Needs deputy/contingency

*Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
Yule run done, found some signs for Ursulsmas can be reued. Wooden signs are planning to be worked on. Planning to downsize tables via auction. Wants to replace with foldable for ease of storage.

*Master of Stables: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson – NEW!
Haldor donating chivalry and overall prize for Ursulmas. 1-2 knight candidate for hosting. Donating another set of Baronial demi guantlets. Practice has been successful. Doubtfull practice after Yule due ot weather and holidyas

*Warlord: Rollo inn Svarti – NEW!
Not currently at War.

*Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley
Found practice site Jenning Memorial park. $ to reserve building with restrooms. Going to work with Seneschal $30 per visit. Not this week. Probubly not large enough to fight and social at once. ADA compliant. Had 1 practice this month.

*Baronial Archer: Lord Peter of Aquaterra
Not practice till after Ursulmas

*Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland – one applicant!
Etale applied.

Peter was only attendee, weather too cold, target
hoping to have 2 practices/month

*Minister of Lists: HL Elizabeth Pendarvis
no report submitted

*Gorges Herald: HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki
no report submitted

*Baronial Scribe: Lady Genevieve DeMarais-nothing to report

*Minister of Arts and Sciences: HL Kathryn Garnett
no dec gathering in marysville

*Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain
newcomers dec 6, 20 dec 530-730, hard to be consisitent at Mukilteo Library. Games coming to Yule via Katla.

*Costumer’s Guild: Magistra Lorenzia di Simonetti
no report submitted

Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee
dance preparing for 12th night ball. 2 practice so far. 1st thru Dec trhares’ 3rs mon Dec continuing to practice. overall simpler this year

*Chatelaine: Lady Dzovinar Korikosen – two applicants!
chatalaine new Camilla 2 nc at mukilto, is coming to Yule. young lady excited for ursulams, a wool worker. mall ursulams walk through w flyers. more ursulmas and chataline stuff coming

Gold Key gold key is still with excheqer. Discussion to maybe bring for photo booth at Ursulma;s add to pic space. If you have racks please bring, felt hangers are appreciated.

*Chronicler: HL Landinn de Marest
1 applicant for to succeed me; 2 week period starts 11/28.

Please give pics to Chronicler from Good Yule for 4th quarter Murmurs.

*Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini.
Planning to get electronic photo storage, yearly fee; would like to take hard copies to storage unit.

Officer Vacancies or Accepting applications:
Deputy Seneschal
Events Deputy
Youth Armored CombatEquestrian
Gold Key
Games Minister
Reservations/PayPal DeputyChronicler
Master of Sword
Youth & Family Activities

*Event Reports:
-Good Yule (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland) – December 2
Good Yule: SATURDAY!!!! silent and dessert acution. please bring full ingrediant list for allergies/diet restrictions. event stewaret requests SCA RELATED donations, will be vetted before put out. some gold key coming to yule. remember to be welcoming to new faces.

-Ursulmas 2024 (HL Samira al Wadi and HL Loftr Jolgeirsson) – January 26-28
Ursulmas need marshals. We have heavy prizes. The lists on board, walk through not scheduled yet.

Moneyers’s guild is confirmed.

Riderless horse, Equestrian Guild bringing a setup/display.

Full merchant roster, Scot is sleeping hall and RV poc.

**NOTE: there will be NO heating in the grandstand area; if displaying, you can bring space heaters; contact event steward team for questions.

Next meeting 2nd Tuesday (Dec 12th) Senior Sergios.

*Bids Needed:

2024 events beyond Ursulmas!

Closing Words

Next month: meeting is Dec 26 zoom only

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