September 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

September 26th, 2023
Location: Evergreen branch of the Everett Public Library, 9512 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204

Words from the Coronets Baron Geirleikr Veðrson & Baroness Zahra bint al-Rammah
We had an amazing time at Banner War. Great fighting, thank goodness Gremlins b’day is over.
Upcoming: Good Yule, Rose & Thorne Symposium, Kingdom Scribal Symposium/Heraldic Her Exc is attending.
Thanks for everyone for attending tonight.

Officer Reports:
*Seneschal: HL Sabina di Zorzi
-Contingency Seneschal – HL Samira al Wadi
-HL Samira al Wadi has volunteered to fill the role of Contingency Seneschal Deputy for one year, so that means I still need a deputy or more to train to take that role when she wants to move on, and to replace me when my term is up.
-Of the four background checks requested (Sarah’s renewal, Nency, Loftr, and Eibhlin) – Nency’s (Camilla) is the only one I’ve seen confirmation of passing, but that was after she specifically reached out to the Kingdom Background Checks deputy to follow up, so that might be necessary on the others. We do have another interested party to potentially run Youth Armored Combat, so I’ve sent them the background check information to get that process started. If anyone else is willing to get a background check so they’re able to help with Youth Activities in the future, please reach out to me via e-mail. The Youth and Family Activities office is still open!
-Next two meetings: 10/24 (Room A, room reserved at 6 instead of 5:30) and 11/28 (Room A, room reserved at 5:30)
-We have had TWO applicants for the Chatelaine office! HL Landinn de Marest, our current Chronicler, and Lady Camilla Valerian. We’ve also had a couple other applicants for offices! HL Loftr Jolgeirsson, our current baronial Warlord, has applied to replace our Master of Stables and m’lord Rollo inn Svarti has applied to replace Loftr as baronial Warlord. HL Etolé Marchant has applied for the office of Thrown Weapons. All candidates are in their two week commentary period, so please reach out to myself or the Coronets if you have any questions or concerns, or to the candidates themselves if you’d like to know more about them or their plans!
-Quarterly reports are due at the end of October. Please remember to copy in the Coronets, your Greater Officer if you have one, and myself.
-Events Deputy – OPEN

*Webminister: Signore Giovani dell’Arco

-Upkept the AQ Website
-Updated Calendar entries, monthly maintenance
-I also hid (but not deleted) all heavy fighter practice events from the calendar until a new site can be found

*Social Media: HL Katla Mani
-I created the next three A&S gathering events on Facebook. (Oct, Nov, Dec)
-Facebook we have 1299 likes and 1381 followers, Likes up by 17 and followers up by 23 from last month. (8 posts made in September so far)
-Twitter we have 8 followers (3 tweets made in September)
-Instagram we have 392 followers. Up 7 from last month (5 posts made in September)
-Discord we have 35 members. Up 2 from last month. (6 posts made in the various channels).

*Youth & Family Activities Coordinator: OPEN

*Exchequer: Lady Jaida al-SaHraa

-Checks since last meeting:
+Kingdom of An Tir for Champions NMS
+Greenhaus Portable Restrooms for Champions Biffies
+Lady Camilla (Nency Orozco) for Champions Insurance
Sorcha Magnusson (Amanda Shauck) for Banner War Refund – unable to attend
+lan ap Neal (Allen Pierce) for Banner War Refund – overcharged at gate
+Whitney Fikes for Banner War Gate Float
-Checks to be cut after Business Meeting:
+Kingdom of An Tir for Banner War NMS (245/111 attendance)
+Greenhaus Portable Restrooms for Banner War Biffies

Checks waiting for Request:
+Final Site Fee for 2023 Boar’s Hunt – waiting on Park confirmation
+Hay Bales Reimbursement for 2023 Champions – waiting on Lady Sophia
+Final Site Fee for 2023 Banner War – waiting on Park confirmation
+6 month Public Storage – needs FC Vote
-Officers be aware that you should start thinking about budgets for 2024
-Contingency Exchequer: HL Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile

*Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
_I would like to report that we had a successful Banner War storage run. We had many helpful hands ready to sort and transport everything that was needed for the event. Konrad was very kind to lend his van and himself once again to return everything after the event. He also has expressed interest in becoming the Chamberlain Deputy with the hopes of taking over the duties of the office in the near future. I believe he will be reaching out to the Seneschal in regards to that.

*Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason
-One applicant for the Warlord opening

*Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson – one applicant!
-We had war, and pretty successful one at that! No injuries that I was aware of, we did have some armor malfunctions but those were addressed and those involved are going to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.
-We did have a handful a fighters with either expired or lost cards, however thanks to his Excellency Steven Desjardin who not only came out to help Marshal but also got those fighters lacking in cards back on track.
-The biggest take away from the Marshal side of things was we need more Marshals.That is a continuing battle which I am hoping to start to fix that with Marshal classes/training. More info to follow once I have it.
-Two practice sites have been suggested – Apex Center, and the site where Good Yule is being held. Following up on those.

*Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley
-No report submitted.

*Baronial Archer: Lord Peter of Aquaterra
-No report submitted

*Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland
-One applicant!
-There is a practice scheduled for this coming weekend 10/8. Would like to have archery practice at the same time.

*Minister of Lists: HL Elizabeth Pendarvis
-No report submitted

*Gorges Herald: HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki
-No report submitted. Office is accepting applications.

*Baronial Scribe: Lady Genevieve DeMarais
-No report submitted

*Minister of Arts and Sciences: HL Kathryn Garnett
-A & S has been a lot of fun. We did not have an A&S gathering due to labor day weekend/Crown. She did, however, go to Hartwood and had a blast. Brought back a flyer that she likes. Sunday was open to the public, over 3K came through the gate. Three different sessions for meet & greet for Q & A. Thinks it could be relevant to Ursulmas.

*Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain
-Had a lot of games played at Banner War. Games at Newcomers this month, and medieval games day.
-Update on Medieval Games Day for October.  The library was not available on the 17th so it is moved to the 25th from 5 to 7pm.

*Costumer’s Guild: Magistra Lorenzia di Simonetti
-They have created a second “Strumpet Team” for TRH, their reign will be Norse/Rus.

*Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee
*We had 2 dance practices last month in PDL, and one at the Madrone Social.

-Due to scheduling issues there’s been an update to the October and November socials. The next two will be: October 17th, 5:45-7:45pm and November 8th, 5:30 – 7:45pm. *If you are able, please come in Garb to the socials.
-There were 6 members at the Newcomer’s social and no newcomers.  One newcomer has reached out this month via email. 
-For anyone interested from Kingdom Chatelaine:  
“Greetings Chatelaine, 6-8 OCT this is a free training event for An Tir branch Chatelaine, their deputies and those interested in becoming Chatelaine. Classes will be held Saturday starting at 10 am with a potluck Saturday night. You must be a paid member to attend the Symposium. 
Site opens Friday @1pm, closes Sunday @ 11. Site: 3761 Road F NE, Moses Lake, WA 98837″

*Gold Key: Lady Dzovinar Korikosen – stored at the Exchequer’s garage. She will be meeting w/ Wyewood.

*Chronicler: HL Landinn de Marest
-When my warrant is up in January, Lady Halawa has agreed to become my successor. We have trained on formatting meeting minutes and will complete the newsletter in December/early January.
-Any photos from Banner War would be appreciated. We don’t need a model release unless someone is deliberately posed “portrait style” in a photo. :
-We do need a photography release for anyone allowing us to use photos:
-(There is a “perpetual release” form and anyone can sign up to be a Digital Scribe – see that section on the release form.) – page 17: Release-Forms-Handbook.pdf (

*Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini.
-No report submitted

Officer Vacancies or Accepting applications:
*Deputy Seneschal
*Events Deputy
*Youth Armored Combat
*Gold Key
*Games Minister
*Reservations/PayPal Deputy
*Master of Stables
*Master of Sword
*Youth & Family Activities

Event Reports:
*Boars Hunt (Lady Sigrid Hrafnsdottir, HL Landinn de Marest, and day-of HL Sabina di Zorzi) – June 2-4
-Still waiting on the Masonic Park regarding refund b/c of biffies

*Aquaterra Champions (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland) – August 5
-Needs to submit invoice for hay bales.

*Banner War (Lady Jaida al-SaHraa) – September 8-10
245 attendees. 82 adult/day 146 weekends, 4 youth days/16 weekend. We should make a profit.

*Good Yule (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland) – December 2
-We are conducting research. 1492 Spain will be the theme. Pre-reg is available. No Royals currently confirmed.

*Ursulmas 2024 (HL Samira al Wadi and HL Loftr Jolgeirsson) – January 26-28
-Next planning meeting is 10/10 at Sr. Sergio’s at 7 PM., November 14th, 12/12, 1/9 future planning meetings.

-Seneschal has asked that before we conduct any public outreach with a request for training online 10/14 10 AM by HL Landinn.
Bids Needed:

*2024 events beyond Ursulmas!

Closing Words from Their Excellencies:
“Thanks for coming out. We are looking forward to closing out this final quarter of the year.”

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