August 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

August 29th, 2023
Location: Evergreen branch of the Everett Public Library, 9512 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA 98204

Officer Reports:
*Seneschal: HL Sabina di Zorzi
Contingency Seneschal – OPEN – one applicant!

  • HL Samira al Wadi has volunteered to fill the role of Contingency Seneschal Deputy for one year, so this begins a two week commentary period before the final decision is made, and if others are interested in applying, they have two weeks to reach out to Their Excellencies and myself.

-Due to personal reasons, Sorcha has had to resign from office, so the Youth and Family Activities office is open again. This office requires a background check, and that takes a lot of time to accomplish, so Sarah Pixie is going to oversee the YAFA activities kicking off and ending at Banner War so the youth can still have their fun.

  • Of the four background checks requested (Sarah’s renewal, Nency, Loftr, and Eibhlin) – I haven’t heard that any of made it through the whole process yet, and the process changed recently, so they may need to start over. If anyone else is willing to get a background check so they’re able to help with Youth Activities in the future, please reach out to me via e-mail.
  • My personal and family priorities were still taking much of my time in August, but I’m starting to get caught up. Unfortunately, I still may not be able to be at Banner War, or at least not for all of it, so Her Excellency found another warranted local Seneschal to be on site just in case I’m unable to be there.
  • It turns out Kingdom does need many waivers and gate sheets from previous events, so I think they have a new officer catching them up and they’re starting to utilize that feature that’s been on the Kingdom Calendar for noting if they’re received or not. Jaida helped with what she could while I was still involved with family stuff, but the rest I’ll likely be able to find in the files Conal passed on to me or in the e-mails sent from the Seneschal account at the time, so I’ll be working on getting those scanned over to them.

-Banner War insurance did come through, as well as a $25 refund since we got the request in before the price change.

-I e-mailed the Masons regarding the hope to meet halfway on the increased cost of biffies, and they brought it to their board meeting for discussion this past Sunday, but I have not heard the results of that.

  • Next two meetings 9/26 (Room B) and 10/24 (Room A, room reserved at 6 instead of 5:30)

-Since we are struggling to find a free site for fight practice that meets our needs, at the request of Her Excellency, I have been discussing with Their Excellencies, the Master of Stables, and our Warlord the potential to start having a combined fight practice and social; say that a budget is being discussed and we’re getting comparative info from neighborhood branches. We are discussing options in the hopes that we can more responsibly seek out a space that can work for a wider section of our populace. I will be posting the detailed list of requested Needs and Asks to the Reeds, Facebook, and Discord, with the hopes that one of our many populace members will know of something that can work for us. Sometimes, it’s all about who you know!

-If somebody knows of a place that could meet the needs, please bring that information to our Master of Stables, Their Excellencies, and myself, and we can pursue it from there.

-It sounds like other baronies who are paying for spaces like this and aren’t getting a deal are paying $80-$160 each time, and for about 2 hours. If we have 40 practice and social gatherings, then that’s $3,200-$6,400/year. Those same baronies have a suggested donation of $5 to help recoup the cost, though, and seem to have success with that, so that is what we would like to try as well. We can’t do an official vote for this with the financial committee today, but this is where we’re at in the discussions.

-If we are talking to sites, use “martial arts” or “medieval sports”.

-Hillcrest Park at Mt. Vernon.

-Need to make sure we take accessibility and DEI comfort into account

-If you have WARM Leads – share them with Sabina

-Events Deputy – OPEN
-Webminister: Signore Giovani dell’Arco –
-Upkept the Banner War event page on the AQ Website
-Assisted with an officer login issue
-Updated the officers page
-Monthly maintenance

*Social Media: HL Katla Mani – “I created a new event on Facebook for Good Yule. I made two posts regarding Champions on discord in August. I have made 5 posts this month on behalf of the autocrat in the Banner War event and 4 in Discord.”
-Facebook we have 1282 likes and 1358 followers, Up by 7 from last month for each. (20 posts made in August)
-Twitter we have 8 followers, up one from last month. (5 posts made in August)
-Instagram we have 392 followers. Up 8 from last month (8 posts made in August)
-Discord we have 33 members. Up 3 from last month. (13 posts made in the various channels).
-Request to track comments/reshares

  • Youth & Family Activities Coordinator: OPEN

*Exchequer: Lady Jaida al-SaHraa – Unable to attend. Financial Meeting will need to be rescheduled! No numbers to report.
-Contingency Exchequer: HL Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile

  • Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
    Went to the storage unit last night for reviewing items needed for Banner War; storage war is at 7 PM 9/7/23. Konrad will be managing transportation.

*Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason
-For the last event (Champions) we have reports, but have been having issues getting into individual competitions for each marshallate activity. Currently missing thrown weapons.

-RE: site search, city-run spaces (ie schools, community centers) seem to be easier to manage.

  • Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson
    -No pracitce site, nothing to report. Shifting of positions – IF YOU FORMALLY APPLY – Rolo will be stepping up as deputy, Loftr is applying to Master of Stables. *Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley
  • Greetings, No injuries, no equipment failures at Champions. List report done by Master Conal.
    -No success on search for new practice location.

*Baronial Archer: Lord Peter of Aquaterra
-Sineidin is reading through contract for new site on her property

*Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland
Nothing to report re: practice. We will try to have one in September. Champion wants to have some folks out to their property for practice.

  • Minister of Lists: HL Elizabeth Pendarvis
    Champions had list for rapier and heavy. Not sure who was there for thrown weapons and archery.
  • Gorges Herald: HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki
    -I have nothing so report at this time. How ever due to work obligations and availability I feel I cannot fulfill my duties as heraldry to the standard I feel acceptable. So I would like to start looking for someone to take over the office as herald.
  • Baronial Scribe: Lady Genevieve DeMarais
    -No report submitted
  • Minister of Arts and Sciences: HL Kathryn Garnett
    -Has been overwhelmed with requests to “run stuff”. At Banner War, she can make sure there is space BUT needs advance notice to find someone to teach (or if you have things TO teach, let her know.) Banner War A & S Competition definition OF THE PRACTICE OF YOUR ENTRY; something that you have learned how to do.
    – Novice (less than 5 years)
    -Intermediate (5-10 years)-
    -Expert (10+ years)
    -6 items handmade for largesse
    -Bardic contest: theme of War at 4 PM on Saturday, asked her Excellency to judge (please text Zahra)
    -Class on Medieval Flower Meanings & Symbolism

^^If anyone is not going to Crown, there is still an A & S gathering for project at the Marysville site 9/3 1-5

  • Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain
    We had a nice Champion’s – great time enjoying games. Thanks to everyone that helped make it happen. Games meetup last month (August). 9/20 Mukilteo 5:30-7:30. Banner War there will be a war point for Bocce Ball for youth/adults. Still needs a schedule slot.
  • Costumer’s Guild: Magistra Lorenzia di Simonetti
    -No report submitted
  • Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee
    -3rd Monday at Kapka School (Madrone social), 1st Thursday in PdL at Trahearn/Janelyn’s home. Mistress Sarah has been asked to teach the Wyewood fighters Sword Dancers – suggested our fighters might consider it a challnge. Her Excellency has volunteered His Excellency to lead the challenge.

o Chatelaine: Lady Dzovinar Korikosen
– “I have had 3 people email inquiring about joining our branch as they have moved into our area from other branches. However, not having fighter practices for adults or youth has been a major turn off to the newcomers recently. I am still not in a position to run any newcomer meetings with my job schedule. I have had an interested party talk to me about taking over the position and am willing to hand it over if they are still interested. As circumstances stand the next event of any kind, I may be able to attend, will be Good Yule in December.”
-Landinn will run the September newcomer meeting.

-We have a newcomer that has returned from years outside the Kingdom. Beorn MacRaggan has returned. His sister HL Finna Hauksdottir has also returned.

  • Gold Key: Lady Dzovinar Korikosenn – gold key is currently w/ Jaida; we are going to give surplus to BaO as they are low.

o Chronicler: HL Landinn de Marest –
-Just a reminder to anyone that takes photos for events like Banner War/Championship, if you are OK with me using CANDID shots, share them to the AQ populace page, tag me on FB (Landinn de Marest), or EM the photos/link to the Chronicler address.

  • Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini.
    Nothing to report.
    Officer Vacancies or Accepting applications:
    o Contingency Seneschal
    o Events Deputy
    o Chatelaine
    o Youth Armored Combat
    o Equestrian
    o Gold Key
    o Games Minister
    o Reservations/PayPal Deputy
    o Master of Stables
    o Warlord
    o Chronicler
    o Chamberlaine
    o Master of Sword
    o Youth & Family Activities

Deputies are needed for many officers as well!

Event Reports:
o Boars Hunt (Lady Sigrid Hrafnsdottir, HL Landinn de Marest, and day-of HL Sabina di Zorzi) – June 2-4
-Still waiting on Mason’s info
-Aquaterra Champions (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland) – August 5
-59 ppl through the gate.
*FB for new champions
o Banner War (Lady Jaida al-SaHraa) – September 8-10
-Meeting last Sunday. Everything is in order. Culinary competition is in question. All positions filled. Free pancake feed for volunteers on Sunday morning. (Details on the calendar/s)
o Good Yule (Lady Camilla Valerian and Lady Sophia Aland) – December 2
-Nothing new to report, except the event has been created.
o Ursulmas 2024 (HL Samira al Wadi and HL Loftr Jolgeirsson) – January 26-28
-We are having a meeting at Senior Sergios Tues 9/12. All meetings will be 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7 PM every month from here on out.
-We would like to start advertising and announce our first “going out in the public” activities, will get that announced on 9/12, Please start showing up in garb at Newcomer meetings.
-Needs a FB events page, is on the Kingdom calendar.
-Do we still have legacy pages? *Yes on…need the mundane facing
-Is there still a banner? If not, can we create one?
-Please come to planning meetings and volunteer.

Bids Needed:

o 2024 events beyond Ursulmas!

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