April 2023 Business Meeting Minutes

April 25, 2023
Location: Buzz Inn, 3121 Broadway Ave, Everett, WA 98201

Words from the Coronets Baron Geirleikr Veðrson & Baroness Zahra bint al-Rammah
-Sharing camping & eric space w/ Madrone & Wyewood at May -Their Excellencies are day tripping Sir Edward’s Tournament in Thornwold.

Officer Reports:
*Seneschal: HL Sabina di Zorzi
-Temporary Contingency Seneschal: Maighster Conal MacLaren
-New Contingency Seneschal and Chief Archer officer change forms. I als -can’t find one for the Contingency Exchequer, Ciarnat inghean Dhonngaile, s -I created one s -we can make sure she’s warranted properly.
-We will be extending Lady Dzovinar Korikosen, Don Dyryke Stanley, Lord Gunnar Torfason’s terms in office, as well, and they will stay on until we can find replacements, or until their one year extensions expire.

I e-mailed officers last night that I show have expired warrants or membership info. If we can’t update that information, we’ll have t -consider those offices vacant.

-Chamberlain 4/23
-Games Minister (?)
-Grete Boke (?)
-Minister of Lists 1/23
-Thrown Weapons 3/23
-Warlord 12/22

-Named insurance price is going up from $50 t -$75 for any requests submitted after this month, s -I’ll be submitting the requests for Banner War and Ursulmas since we already know those will require it. I’ve obtained the specific wording needed from both sites, and will submit those requests this week. If we confirm any other contracts this week and are unable t -avoid named insurance for those, I’ll add them t -the list.

-I just received the Good Yule contract in the mail, but haven’t signed and returned it since we had a couple folk with potential other sites/dates come forward at the last financial meeting. That event is pending getting on the Kingdom Calendar partly because of this, and partly because the Kingdom Calendar Deputy just requested that we reach out t -the barony that we’d be conflicting with if we keep our original date. I’ll d -that if we decide t -stick with that date.

-I have created an onboarding procedure for new officers and plan on sitting down with existing officers t -cover the same information. This includes areas of responsibility, who’s the boss, etc. as well as providing copies of the baronial customary and financial policy, the current society bullying and harassment policy, and going over grievance procedures. I als -making sure that they have access t -their Office 365 account, budget forms and check request forms, and letting them know that they can provide information if they’d like their own page on our website (that was fairly bare until recently) s -folk can get more involved in the areas that interest them. The trouble with this is that it will take time, and the start of my term was sucked up with other priorities, but now that other things are out of the way, I’m hoping t -get through this particular project in this quarter.

-HL Landinn de Marest and I started working on one of the projects I have on my list – job descriptions for the website. This project will be ongoing as I can find time, along with providing more officer resources on the site.

-Important Notice about Proof of Membership at Gate: Receiving a membership card in the mail is now optional when renewing (or obtaining new) memberships through the SCA portal. A screenshot on your phone or a printed out copy of the screen is acceptable. Remember, we don’t have service at all sites, s -be prepared.

*Webminister: Signore Giovani dell’Arco

-Assisted Baronial officers with calendar and post updates
-Working on a fix for an issue where some pages’ background color is overwriting the background parchment image

*Social Media: HL Katla Mani

-Facebook we have 1.2K likes and 1339 followers
-Twitter we have 7 followers
-Instagram we have 379 followers (down a couple from last month, we have some new ones s -some have left)
-Discord we have 30 members. (Up one from last month)
-If you want something on social media, you need t -provide the content t -the SM Minister for posting.

*Youth & Family Activities Coordinator – m’Lady Sorcha Magnusson
-Started putting together activities. Went t -the thrift store t -purchase/donate books t -the Barony. Has started printing out coloring pages. Found a 3 D puzzle at the thrift store. Evelyn has brought past items t -pass along. Games minister can function as a second adult as the pavilion is “next door”. Will get a background check. Considering a bottle cap scavenger hunt at Boar’s Hunt for a 3d printed “dragon” (donated).

*Exchequer: Lady Jaida al-SaHraa
-Contingency Exchequer: HL Ciarnait inghean Dhonngaile

-Checking Balance: $26,448.10 / Savings Balance: $26,303.17
-Checks cut since last meeting:
-$536 t -Public Storage for Unit 1248 Rent
-$750 t -Masonic Family Park for Boar’s Hunt Deposit

-Checks t -be cut after Business Meeting:
-$536 t -Public Storage for Unit 1248 Rent
-$50 T -Sabina di Zorzi for Boar’s Hunt Insurance Reimbursement

*Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian

-Madrone stage is still in the storage unit – working on a date for pickup. Talking about a date for an inventory t -see if there is anything that can be done.

*Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason
-There was a fight practice at the new site, people seemed t -like it. Believes there will be one this weekend. Events are starting t -interfere with attendance. 4-5 fighters, 3-4 fencers. Please come if you need authorization.

*Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson
-Still not sure about summer practice due t -events.

*Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley: Nothing to report.

*Baronial Archer: Lord Criostal Sealgaire nothing to report other than transfer of office equipment t -new archer. New archer will submit an inventory report.

*Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland nothing to report.

*Minister of Lists: HL Elizabeth Pendarvis: Nothing to report

*Gorges Herald: HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki
-2 names and 1 device in submission.

*Baronial Scribe: Lady Genevieve DeMarais no report

*Minister of Arts and Sciences: HL Kathryn Garnett:
-This month at A & S, there were discussions on gold work, musical tablature, spinning, and weaving, among other topics. If someone is interested in learning something specific, let me know. Reminder: shoe making lecture at Boars Hunt. Shoe making workshop in August. Possibly leather available.

*Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain:
-Successful games meetup 7 ppl at the Meetup. Next one is 5/17 t -Mukilte -library.

*Costumer’s Guild: Magistra Lorenzia di Simonetti – no report

*Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee:
-First Thursday dance practice in Kirkland, als -at the 3rd Monday Social at Madrone Social at Kapka School. We have lost our live musician due t -mundane relo.

*Chatelaine/Gold Key: Lady Dzovinar Korikosen:
-We had our newcomer meeting on the 12th of April, ~5 ppl. Looking at May 3rd at the Mukilte -Library, pending confirmation.
-For Boar’s Hunt, will not be available. Gold Key needs t -be in advance or someone will need t -transport.

*Chronicler: HL Landinn de Marest
-The Q1 Murmurs is up. Report filed with Kingdom Chronicler.
-Working on a time w/ our Webminister to go over WordPress – it is a challenging editor.
-Looking for a deputy toeventually take over the Chronicler role next year – job description will be available upon request. *Mundanely I am a resume writer/recruiter, happy t -help write your mundane & SCA resume entries.

*Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini
-He is traveling t -PDX for work will drop stuff off for (photos, photobooks, etc for the An Tir scanning team).

Officer Vacancies or Accepting applications:
-Master of Sword
-Youth Armored Combat
-Gold Key
-Games Minister
-Master of Stables

Old Business:
Canton of Bearwood – 2 yr Suspension as of 3-14-2021:
-Their Excellencies reached out t -Kingdom and confirmed that the Canton is moving away from abeyance and int -dissolution.
-The Canton had requested that their funds, held by Kingdom, be put toward the Raven Travel Fund.

Event Reports:
-Ursulmas (HL Mieczyslaw Czarnecki and HL Steve Desjardin) – January 27-29
-Boars Hunt (Lady Sigrid Hrafnsdottir and Lady Arnora Jonsdottir) – June 2-4
Everything is on track and moving forward. Trying t -push pre-reg and issues with the Kingdom website and the information as of yesterday. Social media is taken care of. Lots of volunteer needs.

Bids Needed:

-Aquaterra Champions – August 5
-Banner War – September 8-10
-Good Yule – December 2, DRF pending date conflict
-Ursulmas 2024 – January 26-28, 2024

Closing Words None

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