4.27.2021 Business Meeting

Words from the Coronets: Baron Geirleikr and Baroness Zahra: Thank you to everyone for making it online, we appreciate the time in this age of increased online activity. While the Society may open activities at the end of May, An Tir has made a decision to keep things closed as long as the international borders remain so. We encourage everyone to remain patient and kind with your fellows, this is a stressful time for us all and we are all doing our best. We hope to see people again in person soon.
Officer Reports:
-Seneschal : Maighster Conal MacLaren

  • The BOD is currently inviting opinions on the idea of a non-specified peerage for people who are acting as peers but do not fit into the current 4 peerages.  Information can be found on www.SCA.org 
  • Membership Assistance Fund – SCA.org – Those in need of assistance to maintain membership as an officer can request aid at SCA.org.  Also, at SCA.org, anyone can donate to the fund.
  • The BOD is taking applications for 2 open positions.  If interested, check out www.SCA.org.
  • No change in the status of the Canton of Bearwood, still suspended. 
  • The BOD suspension of in-person activities will end on May 31st but An Tir will still be suspending in-person activities for the immediate time.  With vaccinations lagging behind in Canada compared to the US and the increased rates of infection, it is highly unlikely the border will open any sooner than August.  Some activities that typically maintain more physical separation for safety could open for practice before other more close contact activities.  There is no date yet for any practices to open up.
  • Current Open Positions:
  • Web Minister & Social Media Director Jon of Aquaterra is currently looking for a replacement.
  • Minister of Horse (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  • Family Activities Coordinator (currently accepting applications)
  • Youth Armored Combat Warden (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  • Gate (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)
  • Reservations (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)

-Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason: No practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
-Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson: No war practice due to Covid Event Restrictions
-Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley: No fencing practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
-Chief Archer: Lord Criostal Sealgaire: No archery practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
-Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland: No thrown weapons practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
-Minister of Lists: Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis: No practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
Gorges Herald: Lord Biorn Atlason: No Report
-Scribe: HL Adrianna the Fierce: There are many painted charters, so please recommend folks for awards! Sunday Night Scribes Zoom information is available on the Kingdom Facebook page, they are a wonderful time. New set of bookmarks to paint are on the google drive: https://dev.azure.com/itsals/E_Sell_FlightChanges/_workitems/recentlyupdated/
Scribes are organizing a backlog competition for July 24th and 25th, there is a novice category, anyone interested should give it a try. Questions can be directed to HL Adrianna. If you would like to do a backlog scroll without a time crunch, there are also opportunities there.
Minister of Arts & Sciences: HL Katarzyna Miloshawa: On May 8th there will be an online Stitch and Kvetch event, Zoom details to come.
Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain: No game days due to Covid Event Restrictions, available on boardgamearena.com to play with folks. Outside seating is available at Around the Table and Zulus, so we are hoping that in the future there will be opportunities to gather in person.
-Costumers Guild: Baroness Lorenzia di Simonetti: No Report
-Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee: No dance practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
Family Activities Coordinator: position open
-Chatelaine: M’Lady Dzovinar “Dzo Vee Nar”: One new person has reached out and is being directed towards those who may help with her interests.
Gold Key: M’Lady Dzovinar
-Exchequer: HL Halawa al-Waddi

  • Checking: $35,516.26
  • Savings: $26,297.93
  • Check #5539 – Cameron Visser – $54.86 – International Postage
    Contingency: HL Eoin Mac an tSaoir
    -Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
    -Chronicler: M’Lady Aster: Newsletter was sent out earlier in the month, minutes will be posted end of day tomorrow.
    Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini: No Report
    -Web Minister: M’Lord Jon of Aquaterra: New website is live, huzzah! Looking for a deputy to train to take over as Web Minister and Social Media. Contact at Aquaterra.Webminister@antir.org
    -Social media and Website event updates for Collegium
    -Pending updates for Scribal and All officers badges
    -All officer email address updated on the website

  • Canton of Bearwood – 2 yr Suspension 3-14-2021
    Event Reports
    -Boars Hunt 2021: 5/28-30/2021 – Cancelled due to pandemic restrictions.
    -Online Baronial Court: 5/29/2021 – 5pm online. Information to be sent out day prior. It may be pre-recorded based on certain legal issues, pending more learning on that front.
    -Banner War 2021: 9/10-12/2021 – Open for bids now. If we do not receive bids soon we may need to look at cancelling it, and in fact with rising case numbers we are going to look at having a broader conversation around whether the event can take place or not.
    -Aquaterra Champions 2021: 8/7/21 – Open for bids now, see above.
    -Kingdom Collegium 2021: 11/12 14/21 – Lady Elizabeth & HL Samira. : Contracts with cancelation contingencies have been signed! Next step is that we have reached out to track coordinators and are soliciting for teachers and classes. Will be reaching out to other folks about volunteering closer to August. We are currently very hopeful that things will move forward.
    -Good Yule 2021: 12/4/2021 – Open for bids now. We are very much looking for a location and having difficulties getting responses. Suggestions are welcome.
    -Ursulmas 2022: 1/28 – 30/2022 – HL Gideon & HL Katarzyna Miloshawa: Waiting to hear back from the fairground with regard to an appointment. Hopefully there will be more surety and forward momentum soon.
    New Business

    Beers with the Baron on May 8th, following the Stich and Kvetch.
    -Thus ends

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