5.25.2021 Business Meeting

Words from the Coronets:  Baron Geirleikr and Baroness Zahra: Having been put on the spot by our wonderful Baron, the Baroness reminds folks of the online watch party for our ethereal court this Saturday at 5:30pm, zoom link to come on that day. As always they are on the lookout for award recommendations, and thank those who have sent their recommendations in. Take care, everyone.


Officer Reports:

  • Seneschal : Maighster Conal MacLaren

#    Their Majesties of An Tir have chosen to continue keeping Kingdom of An Tir closed for in person activities after the BOD has lifted the ban on activities for a variety of reasons such as the Canadian border remaining closed, vaccine rates in both Canada and the US, BOD limits on activities making in person activities difficult in An Tir as some examples.  Their Majesties are in discussion daily with their staff to review this matter.

#    Several Sanctions have been issued since February to May:

#    Feb 16th, 2021:  Sanction of Temp Removal:  Jay Handel aka SCA: Morgan Schwertfeger

#    April 5th, 2021:  Sanction of Exile:  George Parker  aka SCA: Hakan Throgeirsson Von Eignersfojord

#    April 26th, 2021:  Sanction of Temp Removal:  Ryan Davidson  aka SCA: Jose’ Cabrera de Castilla

#    May 12th, 2021:  Sanction of Temp Removal:  Chris Ivins  aka SCA: Iurii Levchenich

#    Cancellation of An Tir/West War. 

#    Our own Minister of Lists has been awarded a Goutte de Sang.

#    No change in the status of the Canton of Bearwood, still suspended. 

#    Open positions include:

–     Web Minister & Social Media Director Jon of Aquaterra is currently looking for a replacement.

–     Minister of Horse (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)

–     Family Activities Coordinator (currently accepting applications)

–     Youth Armored Combat Warden (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)

–     Gate (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)

    – Reservations (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)

  • Master of Stables:  Lord Gunnarr Torfason: No practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Warlord:  HL Loftr Jolgeirsson: Report via text: No war practice due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Master of Sword:  Don Dyryke Stanley: No fencing practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Chief Archer:  Lord Criostal Sealgaire: No archery practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Minister of Thrown Weapons:  Lady Sophia Aland: No thrown weapons practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Minister of Lists:  Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis: No practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Gorges Herald:  Lord Biorn Atlason: Working with folks on a pair on names over email, also working with the chatelaine on getting her name passed. No new names registered on the LOAR.
  • Scribe:  HL Adrianna the Fierce: Scribes are organizing a backlog competition for July 24th and 25th, there is a novice category, anyone interested should give it a try. Questions can be directed to HL Adrianna.
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences:  HL Katarzyna Miloshawa: We had some new folks show up to the crafting day, and there will be another on June 5th over Zoom at noon, please join us 😊
  • Games Minister:  Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain: No game days due to Covid Event Restrictions, available on boardgamearena.com to play with folks.
  • Costumers Guild:  Baroness Lorenzia di Simonetti: No Report
  • Dance Minister:  HL Soelig Sweteglee: No dance practices due to Covid Event Restrictions
  • Family Activities Coordinator:  position open
  • Chatelaine:  M’Lady Dzovinar “Dzo Vee Nar”: A new newcomers guide to the SCA has been posted by the society, please see link below: https://www.sca.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/NewcomersGuide2021.pdf
  • Gold Key:  M’Lady Dzovinar
  • Exchequer:  HL Halawa al-Waddi
  • Checking $35,513.55
  • Savings $26,289.15

Contingency: HL Eoin Mac an tSaoir

  • Chamberlain:  Lady Camilla Valerian: Report via text, no activity due to no events.
  • Chronicler:  M’Lady Aster: Minutes will be posted to the Facebook group and the website by end of day tomorrow. On the lookout for content for the summer newsletter. If you have photos and would like to reminisce about events past, go for it!
  • Grete Boke:   HL Michelino di Gino Martini: No Report
  • Web Minister:  M’Lord Jon of Aquaterra: If you would like to learn how to update pages on the website, please email me and we can arrange a time. If you have information otherwise, please likewise send it so we can post it.

Canton of Bearwood 2 yr Suspension 3-14-2021

Event Reports

!     Boars Hunt 2021:   5/28-30/2021 – Cancelled due to pandemic restrictions.

!     Online Baronial Court:  5/29/2021 – 5pm viewing party online.  Information to be sent out day prior. We will be reaching out to those who are receiving awards to arrange delivering the scrolls.

!     Aquaterra Champions 2021: 8/7/21 – Open for bids now. As it is getting close to time, we will be reaching out to champions and asking them to stay on for an additional year.

!     Banner War 2021:   9/10-12/2021 – Open for bids now.

!     Kingdom Collegium 2021: 11/12 14/21 – HL Elizabeth & HL Samira. At this point we are still planning to have this event in person. Lady Katerzina will be wrangling volunteers, and will be reaching out in the coming months to get folks organized to help out.

!     Good Yule 2021:    12/4/2021 – Open for bids now.

!     Ursulmas 2022:   1/28 – 30/2022 – HL Gideon. Ursulmas is moving forward! We are pushing forward the 2019 contract for review, and will meet with the fairgrounds in the future. Volunteer needs list is being created, activities list is being created. First planning meetings will be in June, officers will be asked to work on areas that apply to their office. As this will likely be one of the first major events, we would like to make this something very special.

New Business


AThus ends@

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