6.29.2021 Business Meeting

Words from the Coronets:  Baron Geirleikr and Baroness Zahra: Hoping to have September Crown/baronial encampment at September crown, details to come. If you are interested, please email your tent dimensions including wires to aquaterracorenets@antir.org as soon as you can. Dame Rosamund if not doing very well. Please go through her family (contact information available from the coronets). If you would like to visit and say your goodbyes, please be mindful of her and her family and understand that she will not be overly responsive.


Officer Reports:

  • Seneschal : Maighster Conal MacLaren
  • As of July 1st, 2021, practices and meetings may resume in Aquaterra.  As of August 1st, 2021, events may resume.  Kingdom events and interkingdom events have yet to have a determined date for resuming.  

Stipulations for resuming Practices, Meetings, and Events at this time:

  1. The sign in sheet for practices and meetings and the gate sheet for events must be modified to have space for mundane name and a means of contact (a phone number, email address, or physical address).  It does not have to have all 3 but enough room for any of the three means of contact in the event contact tracing is required.  All SCA participants MUST sign in.  Observers at practices or demos do not have to sign in as long as they are maintaining 6 ft social distancing.
  2. The Barony cannot provide food or drinks.  Personal drinks and food is acceptable but not for sharing freely with others. 
  3. The SCA, Kingdom, nor Barony may ask to see verification of vaccination.  If the private site owners require to see proof of vaccination, it is up to the private owner to do so. 
  4. Follow federal, state, and county health requirements and any site owners requirements for use of masks.
  5. Open positions include:
  6. Web Minister & Social Media Director Jon of Aquaterra is currently looking for a replacement.
  7. Minister of Horse (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  8. Family Activities Coordinator (currently accepting applications)
  9. Youth Armored Combat Warden (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  10. Gate (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)
  11. Reservations (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)

    – Finance Committee will take place after the business meeting.

  • Master of Stables:  Lord Gunnarr Torfason: First practice will be on the 10th, following the holiday weekend. Loaner gear rules are functioning under heightened sanitization, please be aware that items might not be available.
  • Warlord:  HL Loftr Jolgeirsson: Has been reporting, debatably. More information available at the first fight practice.
  • Master of Sword:  Don Dyryke Stanley: No Report
  • Chief Archer:  Lord Criostal Sealgaire: Practice scheduled for July 17th. Preparations for Champions are underway and are being finalized with the autocrats.
  • Minister of Thrown Weapons:  Lady Sophia Aland: Practice scheduled for July 17th.
  • Minister of Lists:  Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis: No report
  • Gorges Herald:  Lord Biorn Atlason: Working with the chatelaine on finalizing submissions.
  • Scribe:  HL Adrianna the Fierce: No Report
  • Minister of Arts & Sciences:  HL Katarzyna Miloshawa: We are hoping to get some in person classes going soon! If you have an idea for a class, please contact her! HL Samira will be teaching a Middle Eastern Dance class on the 3rd Wednesday of the month, and a Drumming class on the 1st Wednesday of the month. We will also be getting a block printing class of the ground. We are looking for public event venues so that folks who are interested in running classes do not have to host in their homes. Also planning to be streaming in-person classes, so all can attend!
  • Games Minister:  Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain: A query will be coming on the Reeds about who is interested in games get-togethers and when folks are free. We are planning to start meeting up again in July. If you have venues besides Around the Table and Zulus that you prefer, please feel free to suggest them.
  • Costumers Guild:  Baroness Lorenzia di Simonetti: Meetings planned to be started up in person in the coming months, please reach out regarding any particular things you would be interested in learning.
  • Dance Minister:  HL Soelig Sweteglee: Dance Practices begin Thursday, July 1st. If you are interested in coming, please RSVP. We will also be dancing at the Wallingford Playground in Madrone, beginning the 2nd Monday of July (July 12th).
  • Family Activities Coordinator:  position open
  • Chatelaine:  M’Lady Dzovinar “Dzo Vee Nar”: No Report
  • Gold Key:  M’Lady Dzovinar
  • Exchequer:  HL Halawa al-Waddi

Checking balance $35,513.85

Savings balance $26,298.37

A brief financial meeting is planned after the business meeting to discuss the bid for Champions event and the storage unit payment for the rest of the year.

Contingency: HL Eoin Mac an tSaoir

  • Chamberlain:  Lady Camilla Valerian: No report, the storage unit hasn’t melted.
  • Chronicler:  M’Lady Aster: Minutes will be posted to the Facebook group and the website by end of day tomorrow.
  • Grete Boke:   HL Michelino di Gino Martini: No Report
  • Web Minister:  M’Lord Jon of Aquaterra: We will be posting items to our shiny new YouTube channel soon! There is also a document for how to post events and items to the website, please contact the Webminister if you are interested.

Canton of Bearwood 2 yr Suspension 3-14-2021  Is there anyone from the Canton of Bearwood?  If so, is there interest in working to remove the suspension?  Please speak with myself and Their Excellencies to arrange a time in which we meet and speak about the matters to resolve and what will be required.  

Event Reports

Online Baronial Court: It went beautifully and was so much fun to both put together and see folks at the watch party. We will be delivering scrolls in the coming weeks.

!     Aquaterra Champions 2021: 8/7/21 – 1 bid has been received and is under review.

!     Banner War 2021:   9/10-12/2021 – BIDS MUST BE RECEIVED BY JULY 14th! If we do not have bids by this time we will have to cancel.

!     Kingdom Collegium 2021: 11/12 14/21 – HL Elizabeth & HL Samira. We need a volunteer to run gate. There is a great deal of support available, but we do need someone to take the lead. Anyone interested in volunteering in other roles should contact Lady Katerzina.

!     Good Yule 2021:    12/4/2021 – Open for bids now.

!     Ursulmas 2022:   1/28 – 30/2022 – HL Gideon. Contract will be reviewed by the finance committee shortly. The new person in charge seems much more open to working with us. No prices have gone up from the 2019 contract, and the train show folks will not be there. The first meeting will be happening over Zoom on Friday, July 9th. We are also waiting for a call back from Tracy at the arena. Would love as many folks as possible to drop in to the first meeting, we want as many ideas as we can get.

New Business

-There has been discussion about a visual way to indicate if folks are more comfortable with distancing or contact at in-person events. We are looking at a system of colored ribbons. There will be conversation with the finance committee coming after this meeting.


On June 15, 2021, Their Highnesses of the Summits Kenric and Dagmar, in concurrence with Their Majesties Christian and Helene of An Tir, issued the following sanction against Carissa Spenst, also known in the Society as Duvessa of Movilla.  Banishment from the Summits Royal Presence.  A Banishment from the Royal Presence precludes attendance any Royal Court or any meetings where the Summits Coronet is present.  This sanction does not preclude participation in any other activities.

AThus ends@

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