11.24.2020 Business Meeting

Words from the Coronets:

Baron Geirleikr and Baroness Zahra

Thank you to the Collegium Event Team! The event was wonderful! Also thank you to everyone for staying as safe as possible. We very much appreciate all online events large and small as they give us a chance to see people’s faces.

Guests: Theresa Shreffler: new arrival to the Barony, just moved up from California.

Officer Reports:

-Seneschal : Maighster Conal MacLaren

-Activities, meetings, and events are still cancelled thru January 31st 2021  The Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown has elected to keep all activities and events closed until all of the Kingdom can open safely in accordance with the CDC, state, and federal requirements.  Activities and business meetings MAY resume once all of the Kingdom is in Phase 3 or better followed eventually by events depending entirely upon the current crisis as the situation changes in these dynamic times.

This event cancellation does unfortunately include Ursulmas.

Open positions include:

  • -Minister of Horse (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  • – Family Activities Coordinator (currently accepting applications)
  • – Youth Armored Combat Warden (a deputy of the Master of Stables, currently accepting applications)
  • – Gate (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)
  • – Reservations (a deputy of the Exchequer, currently accepting applications)

-Master of Stables: Lord Gunnarr Torfason
              There have been no fight practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations. Sport of Kings has been posted for 2021! Huzzah for the possibility of future events.

-Warlord: HL Loftr Jolgeirsson
              There have been no war practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations.

-Master of Sword: Don Dyryke Stanley
              There have been no rapier practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations. We are looking at the possibility of Zoom rapier practices.

-Chief Archer: Lord Criostal Sealgaire
              There have been no archery practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations. Looking for someone to step up as chief archer, the position will open come January.

-Minister of Thrown Weapons: Lady Sophia Aland
              There have been no thrown weapons practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations.

-Minister of Lists: Lady Elizabeth Pendarvis
              There have been no fight practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations.

-Gorges Herald: Lord Bjorn Atlason
              Working to get the badge registered for our new A&S Minister.

-Scribe: HL Adrianna the Fierce
              Continuing to work on original scrolls, we do now have a great deal of backstock of painted charters, so please recommend folks for awards! We also still have many things to paint, if you are bored.

-Minister of Arts & Sciences: HL Katarzyna Miloshowa
              Assisted with moderation for Collegium and have rescheduled the A&S social for next month. There is also an event coming in January. Please email if you have any questions or ideas for events! aquaterra.artsnsci@antir.org

-Games Minister: Lady Eibhlin inghean Sheain
              No Report

-Costumers Guild: Baroness Lorenzia di Simonetti
              No Report

-Dance Minister: HL Soelig Sweteglee
              There have been no dance practices due to Covid-19 event cancelations. There is a new mailing list: antir-dance@g.antir.org for when we have events again.

-Family Activities Coordinator: position open
              No Report

-Chatelaine: M’Lord Bedros
              We had an inquiry from a new person, who is our guest at the meeting! Also beginning the search for a new location for newcomers night socials, due to the closing of AFK.

-Gold Key: M’Lord Bedros
              No Report

-Exchequer: HL Halawa al-Waddi

              Checking $38,654.58

Savings $26,296.85

Society had us do a ‘mid-year roll-up’ to prove we are not making money. All officer budgets are now frozen. We are looking for 1 new populace reps for the Finance Committee, please apply to the Exchequer email with your SCA resume, and CC their Excellencies. We have received one application and are working towards approving it.

While typically we would have asked for budgets by this time, we are waiting until January because of plague-related reasons.

-Contingency Exchequer: HL Eoin Mac an tSaoir

-Chamberlain: Lady Camilla Valerian
               No Report

-Chronicler: M’Lady Aster
               Notes will be posted by end of day tomorrow. Newsletter is in the works. Thank you to Jacquelyn Lynch for the copies of the 1980’s Murmers! Look for vintage content in coming newsletters!

-Grete Boke: HL Michelino di Gino Martini
              No Report

-Web Minister: M’Lord Jon of Aquaterra
              Please reach out if you need for officer email issues. Thank you to Her Excellency for responding to social media inquiries so quickly. The website refresh will be moving forward in the next month. Also working on a form for award nominations.

Canton of Bearwood
No Report

Event Reports

-Kingdom Collegium 2020: 11/14 – Lady Elizabeth & HL Samira: The event was online and went very well! The smallest class was 6 people and the largest was 26. 3 classes were canceled because of last minute emergencies. All things went very well and we got a great deal of positive feedback.

This was very much a Baronial effort, with many people stepping up to work as IT leads, teach classes, and moderate panels.

All handouts are now available on the Collegium website.

-Boar’s Hunt 2021 – Open for Bids

-Banner War 2021 – Open for Bids

-Good Yule 2021 – Open for Bids

-Ursulmas 2022 – Lord Gideon and Lady Katarzyna Miloshowa

New Business
Late Night Social Hour on December 19th via Zoom.        

If you have photos of past Ursulmas’s, please send them to HL Samira for the Ursulmas video project.

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