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January 26, 2024 January 28, 2024

The Barony of Aquaterra, SCA, Inc. invites you to its Ursulmas Medieval Faire open to the public on January 27th and 28th, 2024 for their 40th year! Witness tournaments, enjoy youth activities, delight in the shopping, and marvel at demonstrations in Ursulwyck, artisans' row. Ursulmas 2023 will be held at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe, Washington.

This annual event is a treat for everyone filled of historical displays, demonstrations of everyday living in the Middle Ages, a vast Marketplace bursting with unique handmade crafts and treasures. Come play new and interesting games, see entertainers and musicians, and cheer on the fighters as they engage in both armored and fencing combat. Youth is also welcome to join the fighting in our Youth Armored Combat program where kids can learn how chivalry and friendly competition can be loads of fun. Seating in the bleachers gives a birds-eye view to the arena so you can enjoy it all at once.

The day ends with an opportunity to sit in a Royal Court and experience the essence of what our community is all about as you take in the medieval atmosphere. The event welcomes everyone and people of all ages have the chance to find a new interesting activity. The experience of a first event has led many of us to find a new interest or hobby that has turned into a passion for learning.

Registration Information

Pre-Registration for the tournaments is highly encouraged to shorten the wait at the lists table onsite.

You may pre-register for tournaments on the same pre-registration form for the event (see below) then you only need to quickly check-in at the lists table onsite to confirm your participation.

Participants must show their site token when checking in at lists. Please plan to allow plenty of time to go through gate, check in at the lists table, get armored up & inspected before your tournament begins. Once lists close for a specific tournament you will not be allowed to enter even if you are pre-registered.

Individuals must have a current SCA authorization card to participate in tournaments. Please bring your card to show to the lists team, as they may not have access to the database. If you don’t have a current card, blank forms will be available at the lists table but participants must find a current senior marshal on their own to do the authorization prior to lists closing, as the Event Team Marshals will be otherwise occupied.

NOTE: Adult rapier and cut & thrust will not allow any first-time authorizations at Ursulmas.

Please check that your armor and weapons meet current SCA requirements prior to the event. Everyone will be inspected by one of the marshals on the field, and issues must be fixed before you take the field. An Tir fighters are expected to meet An Tir requirements, while our guests from other Kingdoms will be inspected based on Society minimum standards. Per Society rules, helms and fencing masks will be inspected inside and out.

Finally, please keep in mind that Ursulmas is a public demo and participants are expected to be kind and courteous to our modern guests. If you are able please take a few minutes to answer their questions or explain something about your gear or what they are watching if you are approached. When you are killed on the field, make a gesture to indicate that you have been struck with a death blow even if you don’t want to fall down. Extra kudos for those who die in a grandiose fashion!

Thank you so much for your cooperation and continued support to grow our game!

Accessibility Information

We know that many of our friends and participants may come from far lands. We have compiled a list of possible accommodations for our friends to find a restful place.

Evergreen Inn & Suites, Monroe
19103 US-2, Monroe, WA 98272
1.1 miles away

Best Western Sky Valley Inn
19233 US-2, Monroe, WA 98272
1.1 miles away

Fairground Inn
18950 US-2, Monroe, WA 98272
1.0 mile away

Monroe Motel
20310 Old Owen Rd, Monroe, WA 98272
2.3 miles away

Ponderosa of Sky Valley
24032 153rd Pl SE, Monroe, WA 98272
4.9 miles away

The Grayson Bed & Breakfast + Extended Stay
20302 N High Rock Rd, Monroe, WA 98272
3.7 miles away

Mountain View’s Tree House Joint
14308 Reiner Rd, Monroe, WA 98272
8.2 miles away

Snohomish Inn
323 2nd St, Snohomish, WA 98290
6.6 miles away

Thousand Trails Thunderbird
26702 Ben Howard Rd, Monroe, WA 98272
7.1 miles away

Sleep Hall Reservations

We will have the sleeping hall available, free of charge, for those that are interested. We have limited space in the hall so please pre-register. We also ask that every person using the hall take a minimum of 1 hour shift on the 24 hour firewatch. Please remember that sleeping tents or covers over sleeping areas are not allowed due to fire safety guidelines.

Please reach out to Umble at the following email address to pre-register for the Sleep Hall and the 24hr firewatch.

Site Fees

$30 weekend fee for adults (18 and over)
$20 day fee for adults (18 and over)

$20 weekend fee for youth (13-17)
$15 day for youth (13-17)

Children (12 and under) free.

*SCA Members will receive a $5 discount.

Event Schedule

Grandstands (G)
Arena (A)
Range (R)


12:00pm Gate opens for Merchants and event staff
3:00pm Gate opens for general admission


8:00am Gate open (G)
9:00am Merchant’s Row open (G)
9:00am Heavy armor inspections (A)
9:30am Lists opens (A)
10:00am Opening Court (A)
10:30am Bardic performances begin (G)
10:30am Heavy and Rapier Tournaments (A)
10:30am Archery Tournament (R)
11:00am Youth Armored Combat Tournament (A)
12:30pm Thrown Weapons Tournament (R)
2:30pm Hands on Demonstration (R)
3:00pm Heavy, Rapier Hands on Demonstrations (A)
4:00pm Knights Counsel Meeting (A)
5:00pm Evening Court (A)


8:00am Gate open (G)
9:00am Merchant’s Row open (G)
9:30am Heavy, Rapier Tournaments begin (A)
10:00am Youth Armored Combat Tournament (A)
10:00am Bardic performances begin (G)
10:30am Bearly a Thrown Weapon tournament (R)
11:00am Heavy, Rapier Hands on Demonstrations (A)
12:30pm Over 40 Archery tournament (R)
2:00pm Combat Archery tournament (R)
2:30pm Hands on Demonstration (R)
3:00pm Closing Court (A)

Meal Information

The Evergreen State Fairgrounds will have 2 food vendors available on site for the duration of the event during the day. Scotsman Grill in the arena and a concession stand in the Grandstands.

Tournament Information

Archery and Thrown Weapons
*Archery Tournament -9:30am Saturday
*Thrown Weapons Tournament -12:30 Saturday
*Combat Archery Tournament – 2:00pm Sunday
*Bearly a Thrown Weapon tournament -10:30am Sunday
*Over 40 Archery Tournament – 12:30am Sunday

Rapier and Cut & Thrust
*Bearclaw Tournament 10:00am Sunday
Multiple list area round robins. Followed by top 4 or 8 best two of three, single elimination list.

*Cut & Thrust Tournament 10:00am Saturday
Probable round robin or double round robin dependent on number of participants.

*Open Field Tournament 12:00pm Saturday
Four field round robin followed by top 8 or 16 best two of three, single elimination final (dependent on time).

*Ice Cream Social 10:00am Sunday
Two 30-minute period fight as many as possible. Top 2 or 4 best two of three, single elimination list.

*Grumpy Old Bear 12:00pm Sunday
Multiple-list round robin. Top 4 best two of three, single elimination list.

Heavy Armored Combat
*Tournament of St. Ursul 10:00am Saturday

*Bearmeat Tournament 10:00am Sunday

*Gideon de Noirville for the Over 40 10:00am Sunday
Come one come all! The Gideon de Noirville memorial tournament for fighters over 40 years. Witness the power of those ancient heroes as they shuffle their way into mortal combat. Feel the earth tremble under your feet as they waddle out to face each other on the field of honor, if they can see that far. This year's tournament will be fought in honor of Duke Deaton Claymore of Atenveldt, father of Duke Morgan of An Tir. Format will be determined by the number of participants.

*Period Kit Tournament 10:00am Sunday
Period Armor Kit tournament format to be decided depending on number of competitors. No visible plastic save shield bosses and basket hilts (bosses preferred not metal) No visible modern equipment save foot wear. Be able to discuss time frame and region your kit is inspired by.

Prize is custom shield with heraldry built by Sir Gavin and painted by Lady Andromacha.

*Ursulmas Youth Armored Combat TBD

Volunteer Information

Volunteer needs:

  • Gate
  • Bardic performers
  • Lists people
  • Docents
  • Chatelaine assistants
  • Marshals
  • Lists volunteers
  • Field Heralds
  • Heavy and Rapier for demonstration of fighting styles for the modern participants.
  • Set up (Friday)
  • Tear down (Sunday)

If you would like to volunteer at a specific time you can sign up by messaging one of our event team members at or in the volunteer green room at the event.

Merchant Information

We have a marvelous array of Merchants joining us as always. See below a list of current Merchants planning on being with us.

  • Creativity Works
  • BB Wolf Pack
  • Vidar Leather
  • Allwynd McBride Pottery
  • Firefox
  • Crones Cottage
  • Bluebox Bead Co
  • Tandy Leather
  • Reannag Teine
  • RedWolf
  • Keltic Kraze
  • Persistent Tiger
  • Dragonstorm Sports
  • Chocolate Lantern
  • Luther Leather
  • Dark Ages Games
  • Horse n Round
  • Sidequest Forge
Evergreen State Fairgrounds
14405 - 179th Ave SE
Monroe, WA 98272

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