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Boars Hunt

May 31, 2024 June 2, 2024

We would like to invite you to Aquaterra's Boars Hunt! Come join us for one of our barony's longest running events, one of the few events that holds fighting scenarios in the woods! Time to brush up on your "hunting" skills and come to one of the most beautiful event sites in the kingdom. Enjoy heavy fighting, rapier, archery, arts & sciences, youth and family activities, merchants, potluck, bardic, and much, much more. The Great Hunt awaits at this majestic forest campground nestled at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. Secluded woodland campsites for small and large households to camp are available with space in both noisy and quiet areas.

Gate Hours: Friday, opens for Merchants at noon, populace at 3pm, closes at 10 pm. Saturday, 9 am – 4 pm. Site closes Sunday at 2 pm. After the Masonic Park Gate closes at 10pm Friday and 9pm Saturday, there will be no re-entry until Gate opens again at 9am. No Exceptions.

Site notes: Do not damage any of the trees. This site is discreetly wet. No cell service on site. Electricity: Available for *some* campsites for $15.00/day payable directly to the Masons via cash or card on site. RVs: E-mail Event Stewards to reserve a spot in the limited RV row. RVs are not allowed on site outside of RV row. $5 charge payable directly to the Masons via cash or card for every RV upon entry to site. Use of the on-site septic dump facilities is included in that charge. Park rules can be found here: Park Rules — Masonic Family Park

Directions to site: From I-5, take US-2 East. Take WA-204 to Lake Stevens. Turn left (North) onto WA-9. Turn right onto WA-92 (East toward Granite Falls). WA-92 ends in a T-intersection in Granite Falls — turn left onto Mountain Loop Hwy. The site entrance is 4.5 miles from this point and will be on your left.

Silent Auction

We're having a Silent Auction at Boar's Hunt! Now is the time to come and see what sort of things are up for bidding at the auction table. Our Auction goodies will be available at the main hall near Merchants. Don't let the opportunity to bid on the one-of-a-kind items we'll have available.

Gold Key

Brought a friend and they are feeling a bit underdressed? Not a problem! While perusing the wares on Merchants Row, make sure you drop by Gold Key and outfit the newest additions to our game! (First come, first served) Once they are clothed, continue with your meandering of Merchants Row! If you have coin, they have wares!

Baroness Tea Party

Our wonderful Baroness has invited everyone to come to her mid-afternoon tea party! Come enjoy snacks, conversation and of course – tea! Bring your favorite teapot and your favorite blend, or just bring yourself.

The Baron's Beverage Challenge

Our Baron has declared a challenge! Bring him your best non-alcoholic beverage to try. It could be tea, an ade-type drink, something fizzy or even a punch. Time to get creative. Bring a mug, or a goblet for yourself and stay to chat with other guests at the table.

Largesse Competition

This competition is your classic ‘anything goes' contest. Anything you want to make to showcase your talents to the populace. You will need to make six items to submit for the entry. They should be alike, or all related. Example: Inkle trim, different patterns and colors may be used but all are inkle trim.

For this competition all entries will go to the largesse pool except one item chosen by the winner to take as their prize. Entries will be accepted starting at 11am during the Stitch In at the A&S Pavilion and will closed at 3:00pm for voting.

Judging is open to the populace! Once the entry period is over, each competitor will have a separate voting box. Each judge will get one token to vote with and will add that token to the box of their choosing. Once the voting period is over, the tokens will be counted to determine the winner.

Heraldry Class

Are you thinking about armory and building your own device for your persona? Or how about a new badge for you or your household? Join Aquaterra's Gorges herald outside the field of battle to learn the basics of heraldic field division and start building your art! In this class you will learn the different ways to divide your device's background with lines and colors before turning to your handout to divide and color your own device. If you're feeling inspired, take it all the way to ordinaries and other charges. All supplies provided.

Cheese Making Class

Come take an educational journey to one of the most ancient forms of culinary science. Cheese! Nutrient-rich, storable and preservable cheese played an instrumental role in the development of civilizations. It's time to learn about how it's made. This class features a live demonstration by Gondul the Unwitty as well as an in depth talk about ancient food preservation techniques that includes cheeses, other dairy products and dry cured meats.

Registration Information

Pre-Registration opens on April 15th and will close on May 18th. There is an extra discount on adult prices included for pre-registering. The opportunity to get signed up online is smaller than usual so do not dally! If you do not pre-register, full site fee must be paid on site by cash or check as there is no cell signal on site.

Pre-Reg can be paid by check if you do not use online money services, but the check must be received in the PO Box by May 28th to be confirmed. Further instructions are posted on the pre-registration form. Please allow plenty of time if you decide to mail a check.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult* Weekend $55.00 / Day $35.00
Youth (13-17) Weekend $5.00 / Day – Free
Children (0-12) Free
*Adult SCA Members will receive a $10 member discount off the cost listed above.

Meal Information

Tavern Night Potluck

Our Tavern Cooks have taken the night off so it's time to bring your favorite dish to the Boar's Hunt Tavern gathering. Message your Event Steward if you wish to sign up in advance, if you do you will be guaranteed a thank you gift from Tabitta Longtail for your participation. All you need to do is message her with your name, what you're bringing and a list of possible allergens in your dish. Bonus points if you keep to the public house theme!

Tournament Information

Greetings mighty hunters!

It is time for one of our great honor traditions, The Hunt! Sharpen your spears and ready your hounds because the creatures you will face in these woods aren't fluffy bunnies. Be wary of the noble Stag whose great horns can pierce even the strongest of armor, dread the mighty Bear whose great strength will overpower the biggest man, but the one that strikes fear into all brave hunters is the Boar with its powerful tusks and bloodlust. This beast will not go down easily.

The heavy hunt will take place in the woods as in previous years, however due to site changes, access to the hunting grounds will be different. This will be announced in court and there will be signs posted for fighters.


Rules and Scenarios:

The Hunters: Hunters will have a single life (a standard killing blow will kill you) due to the nature of the hunt and the location arms and legs will not be counted. Hunters will be armed with a spear or another thrust only weapon.

The Dogs: Dogs will have a single life (same rules for Hunters) they will have two daggers and can only point and bark during the fighting.

The Stag: Stags will have three lives which means three standard killing blows must be struck before the Stag will fall (the fighter will call out loud when stuck and will count down till he falls down dead). Stags will use two long swords.

The Bear: Bears will have four lives (same rules apply for all animals when acknowledging blows). Bears will use a two-handed great weapon.

The Boar: Boars have five lives (once again same rules as above) please note there will be no "boar rage" – once the boar has been slain, it's dead. Boars will use two mass weapons.

When a beast is killed, allow them to get up and retreat to the woods where a marshal will be located for them to rez, when hunters and dogs are killed, they will return to the edge of the woods to rez.

Youth and Family Activities

The Youth Hunt

The call has gone out across the land for all of An Tir's most nimble and courageous young hunters. Boars Hunt provides us a chance to do team battles in the woods. Youth will pair up into teams of three. One as a hunter with a great weapon, like a glaive or great axe, and two as dogs with daggers for teeth and claws. The teams will go thru the woods hunting for boar, stags and other animals. The animals will be adults with pool noodles. Weapons and swords will be provided and some youth loaner armor will also be available. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and submit a properly signed waiver (blank waivers will be available). YAC Fighter Authorization cards are not required to enter. The Youth hunt will begin shortly after the heavy fighting ends. Any heavy fighters willing to participate in our hunt as one of the animals will be rewarded with thanks, praise and the chance to be named best Youth Boar.

Volunteer Information

Volunteer Opportunities:

An Event can't run if we don't have wonderful volunteers to help us keep things going. Please contact the Event Steward for more information or to sign up and lend a hand. We will need help with Setup, Gate, Teardown and more!

Merchant Information


Calling all Merchants! We are still looking for merchants to sign up for Boar's Hunt! Please follow the link and sign up if you are interested!

Event Main Contact (Event Steward): Tabitta Longtail

Masonic Family Park
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy
Granite Falls, WA 98252

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