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Banner War

September 8, 2023 September 10, 2023

Gold Key Available

Banner War is held at the Masonic Family Park. There is a physical gate barring access to the site, that is quite a distance from the site itself.

When there is not someone available at this gate – you cannot reenter the park if you choose to leave until the gate opens again the next morning.

Do not attempt to open or otherwise subvert this gate, or you will be immediately banned from this park forthgoing.

This gate is closed at 10 pm on Friday, reopens at 7 am Saturday morning.

It closes at 9pm on Saturday, reopening at 7 on Sunday morning.

Registration Information

Pre-registration has closed. Payments must be received on or before September 7, 2023 to be considered pre-registered.

Pre-registration payments must be received on or before September 7, 2023 to be considered pre-registered. Pre-Reg can be paid by check, but the check must be received in the PO Box by September 7th to be confirmed. Please note that USPS has been having some issues with mail, so please allow plenty of time if you decide to mail a check.

All checks to be made out to:
Barony of Aquaterra, SCA Inc.
PO Box 12663
Mill Creek, WA 98082-0663

If you do not pre-register, full site fee must be paid on site by cash or check

As there is no signal at this site – we will not be able to confirm any payments made after September 7, and cannot accept credit cards on site.

Accessibility Information

Sites are first come first serve unless there are special needs or an RV. If you need special accommodations or intend to bring an RV, please email moc.liamg@ritnaamse

There are 2 sets of flushable toilets on site as well as the portable restrooms.

Site Fees

Fee Type Cost*
Adult Weekend $50
Adult Day Trip $30
Youth (weekend or day) $5
*SCA Members will receive a $5 member discount off the cost listed above.
*Pre-Reg for additional $5 discount:

Event Schedule

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Time Activity
12:00 PM Gate opens for Setup/Merchants
3:00PM Gate opens for Populace
10:00PM Gate Closes
8:00 AM Gate Opens
9:30 AM Opening Court
10:00 AM (after Court) YAFA Activities Open – Scavenger Hunt Explanation/Signup
10:30 AM A&S Submissions Open Pavilions
Heavy Armour Inspections War Field
11:00 AM Heavy Armor Scenarios Begin Open Field
Rapier Tournament Pavilions Playground Area
Thrown Weapons Pavilion Area
Medieval Flower/Seed Class Main Hall
12:30 PM A&S Submissions Close Pavilions
Hospitality Contest Roving Starts Roving Coronets
1:00 PM A&S Voting Opens Pavilions
Archery Tournament Starts Archery Field
Vox Off! Merchant Area
2:00 PM Gate Closes
Youth Bocce Ball Tournament Pavilions
3:30 PM Adult Bocce Ball Tournament Pavilions
4:00 PM A&S Voting Closes Pavilions
Bardic Competition Merchant Area
5:00 PM Evening Court
6:30 PM Youth Armor Inspections Pavilions
7:00 PM (or Dusk) Youth Torchlight Tourney Open Field
9:30 AM Closing Court
3:00 PM Site Closes

Meal Information

House Hrafensheim is hoping to make Sunday pack out a bit easier. Sunday morning from 8:00 to 10:00 AM we will be putting on a no cost pancake breakfast. The entire site is welcome. It will be in the main Kitchen. Please come, bring the family and enjoy not cooking on them! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Gideon Hrafensfuri (Jim Meyers on Facebook).

Tournament Information


Their Excellencies will be visiting campsites throughout the weekend! As they come by, put all your best efforts on display! Welcome them into your camp warmly, and with all the SCAdian you can muster! The camps that put show the most/best hospitality to their Excellencies will be awarded War Points at the discretion of the coronets! Bring your A+ snack and hydration game! Sing them a song! Tell them a story! Be the host(ess) with the most(ess)!


There will also be War Points for those who go all out with their encampments! Extra points for historical accuracy, but it is not a necessity to enter! Go all out! Pick a theme! Or don’t, just make it interesting! Everyone can participate to their own ability! Show us your creativity!


There will be both a Youth and an Adult Bocce Ball Tournament for War Points on Saturday. Other medieval games will be available at the Games Pavilion throughout the weekend as well for casual play.


There will be a Vox off in the Merchant Area on Saturday. Come one, come all, bring your loudest voice! Can you make yourself heard from Miles Around? Come prove it to us for a War Point!

Our Bardic Champion is sponsoring a Bardic contest at 4pm on Saturday. Theme: War. Bring your best War tales, poems, songs or other bardic performances.


There will be Ship to Ship Boarding Action! There will be Plank Battles! There will be a Pirates Treasure Chest! Timed or Resurrection Battles depending on the number of participants! Bring your best Death Scenes for extra flair!


Archers to the Line! Bring a friend or make one at the range, as this year's event is shot as teams of two! With this year's targets, brush up on Heraldic colors, play Foxes and Geese (archery style), and more.


1-Teaching a newbie: Pick someone who has never thrown before and teach them on the range, their score is yours. Highest points win, 1 war point to student and 1 to teacher.
2-Novelty throw it's a mystery 2 war points possible



  1. Open field grand melee to warm up before hiking into the woods
  2. Woods Battle. Unlimited resurrection for 5min at which point last life will be called
  3. Advance the flag. Have your warband bring a flag for a bearer to advance unto victory.
  4. King of the hill done in four-man squads for approximately 30 minutes. The squad with the most wins takes the scenario


Youth combatants ages 6 to 17 are welcome to fight in a round robin tournament by firelight, Saturday night at 7 pm Youth should come dressed in armor and ready for inspection. When youth fighters are in a match with someone in a division under them, they will be required to take a handicap. Authorization is required to compete, and loaner amour will be available. Youth needing to borrow armor or get authorized should contact me via email at Redsonia21 (at) gmail asap.


Please enter the item you made that you are most proud of having created.

Categories are:

  • Novice – Less than 5 years experience. (Example, just learned to embroider)
  • Intermediate – 5 to 10 years experience. (Example, Sewing an Elizabethan outfit for the first time after making T-Tunics for 5 or more years.)
  • Expert – 10 plus years. (Example, can design the patterns for embellishment you free handed from Norse to Elizabethan.)

There will also be a Largesse competition voted on by popular vote. You will need to have 6 items handmade to enter in this competition.


For the culinary competition, we’re going simple and (hopefully) easy! Just make your best period dish, and bring it to the Main Hall (Big Kitchen) by 2pm. There will be 3-5 judges tasting all the foods and declaring the winner.
Bonus points for documentation of your item, but this is not required for entry!

Youth and Family Activities

Come one and come all! Please join us for Youth and Family activities! Activities will be focused on banner making and its history. We will have a variety of crafts as well as story time and a special scavenger hunt where youth have a chance to win a special prize, war points, and recognition at Saturday evening court!

Please remember that all youth must be accompanied by a supervising parent while they participate in family activities.

Volunteer Information

Gate SignUp Sheet:

Classes Offered

Medieval and Renaissance flower symbolism and seed swap. Come learn some associations your persona might have shared about common flowers (and fruits/vegetables), which can be useful for scribal, culinary, textile, and other arts, as well as just being fun/interesting! We can also share/exchange seeds and talk about medieval gardening if anyone is so inclined.

Class Held Saturday at 11:00am near the Main Hall/Baronial Pavilion.

Masonic Family Park
24310 Mountain Loop Hwy
Granite Falls, WA 98252

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