Crafting is one of the most common activities in the Society. Our artisans study, research, and create works from nearly every craft known to exist in the Middle Ages. At many Society events, you will be able to watch artisans practicing their crafts and, sometimes, take a class or workshop to learn to do them yourself.

At Ursulwyck, you are first welcomed into the house. Food, clothing, furniture, lighting, tools, and other everyday items are arranged to give you a unique, and historically accurate, peek into the past.

After the home tour, visit the village and encounter skilled craftspeople as they create wondrous and useful items. Visit the tailor’s shop, the apothecary, the Moneyers Guild, and the scribes. Watch practiced hands perform age old crafts -- they may forge knives, fire glass beads, carve wood, paint illuminated scrolls, weave sturdy clothing, strike coins, or perform delicate needlework.

In the Publick House you can join others in playing games that span the ages or just relax and warm up.

After enjoying the demonstrations of skill at Urslwyck Village, go watch the fighters battle for glory and prizes, try your hand at archery or thrown weaponry, and come visit the merchants for a bit of history to take home.