• ALL PRE-REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE at exactly noon on Wednesday, January 23rd

    This gives the staff time to organize, verify, and print all the information.

    If you miss the pre-registration window, you may register on site for RV space, sleeping hall space, and tournament participation on a first-come-first-served, space-available basis.

    There is no pre-registration for Gate admission.



  • Sleeping Hall Policies

    Anyone age 16 or over who is using the sleeping hall must sign up for one hour of Watch duty.
    We ensure that there is at least one person present from 8 AM through 8 PM when people are not likely to be using the hall.
    The event, event staff, and facility take absolutely no responsibility for anyone's personal belongings.

    Quiet hours are from 10 PM through 8 AM. Lights will be turned off at 10 PM and back on at 7 AM.

    Per county fire code, no "membrane structures" are permitted indoors. This includes: tents, pavilions, canopy beds, tented cots, bivy bags, and so forth.
    Cots themselves are fine.

    There is no indoor cooking, heating/heaters, or flame permitted, nor is there a place to wash dishes.
    You may cook outdoors.

    The hall will be heated to roughly 60-65 degrees. Please plan accordingly and be able to bundle up if necessary. 

    There are very few electrical outlets in the hall, so their use is reserved for necessary accommodations.
    There is a spot on the reservation form to indicate if you require any accommodations. 

    As this is a communal sleeping area, we cannot guarantee a light-free or noise-free environment.
    There is a spot on the reservation form to indicate that you would like to be placed in the "less active" area, and we will do our best. 

    For your convenience, you can include one additional person on this form who has the same contact information, plus the names of any minors in your party, and indicate whether you intend to stand Watch together or separately.

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