All Thrown Weapons tournaments will be held on the Thrown Weapons Range unless otherwise noted in the Event Schedule.

  • "Barely a Thrown Weapon" Novelty Shoot, Saturday January 26, 1:00 PM

  • Ursulmas Challenge (traditional) Thrown Weapons Tournament, Sunday, January 26, 9:00 AM

  • Crested Thrown Weapons Tournament, Sunday January 27, 10:00 AM

A traditional tournament involves throwing all three weapons: knives, axes, and spears. Highest score wins. 

A novelty shoot involves non-traditional targets or throwing methods, such as throwing with your non-dominant hand or while sitting in a chair.
This event is a lot of fun and mostly made up on the spot. 

Crested Tournament, sponsored by Baron Bryson of Aquaterra

Crests must be foam, paper mache, or some other similar material. Crests must be no less than 7 inches in height and 4 inches in width. Crests must have a flat spot on the bottom to tape a metal disc on. Crests will be magnetically mounted on a stand for competitors to throw at. Throwing weapon will consist of a foam pool noodle with 2 golf balls taped inside one end. Competitors are encouraged to make and bring their own noodles and decorate them as well. Competitors will take turns throwing at the crests, attempting to knock them over. Last crest standing is the winner!