All Archery tournaments will be held on the Archery Range unless otherwise noted in the Event Schedule.

  • Ursulmas Archery Competition, Saturday January 26, 10:15 AM

  • Archery Novelty Shoot, Saturday January 26, 1:00 PM

  • Youth Archery, Saturday January 26, 3:00 PM

  • Grumpy Archer (Over 40), Sunday January 27, 10:00 AM

  • Crested Archery Tournament, Sunday January 27, 11:00 AM

  • Combat Archery Tournament, Sunday January 27, 12:00 PM

"Novelty" shoots involve non-traditional targets. "Combat" archers are armored and shooting at each other.


The Archery Contest will consist of 5 events intended to test the accuracy and control of both Experienced and Novice alike. The contestants must kill the “Mad Bear”, accurately conquer the targets of skill, and defend the peasants from the Enemy Knight by firing through the castle wall. These events will be scheduled Saturday for the Adults and Youth, and an “Over 40” event for 10am Sunday so that our older participants will be well rested for the competition.

In your service, Criostal Sealgaire, Baronial Archer


Crested Archery Tournament

Crests must be foam, paper mache, or some other similar material. Crests must be no less than 7 inches in height and 4 inches in width. The crests must have a flat spot on top to tape a metal disc on. Crests will be suspended by a magnet from a string. Competitors will fire Combat Arrows at 20m towards swinging crests, last Crest hanging is the winner!
Crested tournaments sponsored by Baron Bryson of Aquaterra.

Combat Archery Tournament

The Combat tournament will be a round robin, corridor style with 12 missiles in any combination (arrow, bolt, war thrown weapon). Competitors will not be allowed to pass each other in the corridor and may not close to closer than clear the bow distance. Time and numbers allowing, the format may be extended to a double round robin.