In general, all lists close 15 minutes before the tourney begins, except that lists for the St. Sir Ursulmas tournament close 30 minutes in advance.
Check the schedule to make sure!


8:00 AM

SCA Gate Open

Ursulwyck Village (All Day)

8:15 AM

Armor Drop Opens & Inspection begins

Lists Open (Heavy, Rapier, and Archery)

9:00 AM

Doors open to public

Best Dressed Bear entry drop-off begins
(Ursulwyck Village, judging at 3pm)

9:45 AM

Bear Claw (Rapier) and Cut & Thrust lists close

Archery Competition list closes

 10:00 AM

Opening Baronial Court

After Court (about
10:15 AM)

Bear Claw (Rapier Field) Tournament begins

Cut & Thrust (Rapier Field) Tournaments begin

Ursulmas Archery Competition begins

Valorous Estate in the Royal Pavilion

10:30 AM

Lists Open (YAC) Tournament of St. Sir Ursul (Heavy) & Sable Rose (Rapier) lists close

11:00 AM

Thrown Weapons Range Open

Sable Rose (Rapier Field) begins

Tournament of St. Sir Ursul (Heavy Field) begins


Youth Armored Combat (YAC) Tournament

12:30 PM

Open Field (Rapier) List Closes

Thrown Weapons Novelty and Archery Novelty lists close

1:00 PM

"Barely a Thrown Weapon" Novelty Shoot (Throwing Range)

Archery Novelty Shoot (Archery Range)

Open Field Tourney (Rapier Field) begins

1:45 PM

Thrown weapon Traditional Tournament list closes.

2:00 PM

Open Archery (Archery Range)

3:00 PM

Youth Archery (Archery Range)

Best Dressed Bear Judging (Ursulwyck Village)

5:00 PM

Final Baronial Court of Bryson and Angharad followed by the Royal Court of Kjartan and Sha’ya (Royal Pavillion in the Arena)


8:00 AM

SCA Gate Opens

Ursulwyck Village (All Day)

Meet & Greet with the new Aquaterra Coronets, Geirleikr and Zahra (ends at 9:30 am)

8:15 AM

Armor Drop Opens & Inspection begins

Lists Open (Heavy, Rapier, Thrown, and Archery)

9:00 AM

Doors open to public

Ursulmas Challenge Thrown Weapons Tournament (Throwing Range)

9:45 AM

Bear Meat (Heavy) list closes

Grumpy Old Bear (Rapier) list closes

de Noirville Over 40 (Heavy) list closes

Crested (Thrown Weapons) list closes

10:00 AM

Bear Meat (Heavy Field) Tournament begins

Grumpy Old Bear (Rapier Field) Tournament begins

de Noirville Over 40 (Heavy Field) Tournament begins

Grumpy Archer Over 40 (Archery Range) Tournament begins

Crested (Throwing Range) Tournament begins

10:45 AM

Crested (Archery) list closes

11:00 AM

Open Thrown Weapons Range Crested (Archery) Tournament

11:45 AM

Period Kit (Heavy) Tournament list closes

Crested (Heavy) Tournament list closes

Prize Tournament (Rapier) list closes Combat Archery list closes


Period Kit Tournament (Heavy Field) begins

Crested Tournament (Heavy Field) begins

Prize Tournament (Rapier Field) begins

Combat Archery Tournament (Archery Range) begins

3:00 PM

Closing Baronial Court



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