If you’ve just joined the SCA, you may find conversations and event announcements hard to follow at first.
SCA participants, chapters and offices all assume names with a historical flavor, and there’s a whole vocabulary for everyday things as well.
We've provided a brief list of handbooks, online references, and other handy tips below.

If you can't find something here on the Baronial site, try the Kingdom site.
The SCA is a huge, complex society and you just can't grasp it all in one go. So don't expect to, and don't worry - you'll get the hang of it all soon enough!
And when in doubt, don't hesitate to ask. We were all new once.

The An Tir Handbook

The An Tir Handbook is a guide to the SCA in An Tir that explains administration, volunteering, history, awards, customs, and etiquette.

For newcomers to the SCA, it should be used in conjunction with the Known World Handbook (see below).

For immigrants to An Tir from other kingdoms, it provides a guide to how procedures and customs may differ between their old home and their new one.

For the populace at large, it is a guide for where to find more information, a reference, and a source of blank forms. Use it in good health and enthusiasm.

The Known World Handbook

If you’re looking for a book to help you learn more about the SCA, you won’t go wrong starting with the Known World Handbook.

This 220 page soft-cover book has over 80 articles covering everything a participant needs to get started, whether you’re going it alone or with the family in tow.
It’s helped a lot of us begin our enjoyment of the current Middle Ages.

You may purchase it from the SCA Marketplace and Stock Clerk or contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SCA Jargon

 You’ll get used to it quickly, but here are some of the most commonly used words to start with.

The An Tir Handbook also includes a glossary of An Tirian terms.

What does Anno Societatis (AS) mean?

Anno Societatis means “In the year of the Society.” The SCA counts its years from the date of the First Event, which occurred on May 1st, 1966.
Note that this means that the SCAdian year rolls over between April and May, not December/January.

Society years are usually written in Roman numerals. I = one, V = five, X = ten, and L = fifty. So July 1, 2016, would be “This first day of July, AS LI.”

The An Tir Handbook includes a table for translating AS to CE and back again.