New to the SCA? Or to Aquaterra?


The easiest way to jump into life in Aquaterra is to come to the Newcomer's / Social night. 
It's the third Wednesday of every month; you can check the next date on the Calendar.
We usually have several people with a huge range of interests, all enthusiastic and ready to welcome you aboard and get you settled in.
Bring yourself, your friends, and all your questions up to the AFK. 

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Resources for Playing the Game

If you’ve just joined the SCA, you may find conversations and event announcements hard to follow at first.
SCA participants, chapters and offices all assume names with a historical flavor, and there’s a whole vocabulary for everyday things as well.
We've provided a brief list of handbooks, online references, and other handy tips below.

If you can't find something here on the Baronial site, try the Kingdom site.
The SCA is a huge, complex society and you just can't grasp it all in one go. So don't expect to, and don't worry - you'll get the hang of it all soon enough!
And when in doubt, don't hesitate to ask. We were all new once.

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Where is Aquaterra? Do I live there?

The Barony of Aquaterra encompasses the following ZIP codes in Snohomish County.

  • If you live in a listed ZIP code, but in King County, you are in the Barony of Madrone.
  • If you live in southeast Snohomish county, and your ZIP code does not appear in this list, you are in the Canton of Bearwood.

Note that you do not have to live in the Barony to participate in activities here. Most SCAdians participate in activities hosted in many various locations; travelling the Known World with like-minded folks is part of the fun!

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Our Neighbors

We are located within the mightiest kingdom in the Known World - An Tir - which, along with its principalities, encompasses all of Washington state and parts of British Columbia, Oregon, and Idaho.

These are the locations closest to the Barony of Aquaterra; basically western Washington. To see other locations in the USA, use the locator lookup tool.

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