Each competing war band is represented by a mini-banner on the Scoreboard. The winner of each contest is given a physical War Point token. The mini-banner is taken out of the hole that it is in, the token is placed in that hole, and the mini-banner is moved up to the next.

It's best to prepare your team's mini-banner ahead of time. There may be minimal materials available on site, but you shouldn't count on it.
The team banner and the scoring banner are not the same; each team should have a large, identifying banner for use in Court.

Specs for the mini-banners:

  • no more than 10 inches wide
  • no more than 12 inches long
  • Need to be able to attach to a 1.25" dowel at the top. Ties or a pocket sleeve are fine. 
  • Doesn't have to be pretty or sophisticated.
  • Does have to be family-friendly.

You can easily tell who is winning - their banner is highest!.... for now .... 
Points may not be scored immediately; winners may wait as late as Closing Court to decide.