Ursulmas Medieval Faire will return January 25 - 26, 2020

Walk through the gate of the Ursulmas Medieval Faire and experience the Medieval Village of Ursulwyck.

Have you ever wondered what people did in the Middle Ages?
Aside from farming, there were any number of necessary items designed by craftsmen of the age - from making rope and nets to making clothes and shoes. 

Ursulwyck Village is a living history demonstration with artisans practicing various crafts as they would have in the Middle Ages.
Visit the Manor House of the Canton of Bearwood and see the kitchens and living spaces, chat with the family, and then take a tour of the village.

Feel free to ask questions and try your hand at a number of skills!
Artisans you will find in Ursulwyck Village include spinners, weavers, tailors, cobblers, woodworkers, netmakers, ropemakers, apothecaries, moneyers, fletchers, and scribes!