There is no set schedule; demonstrations are ongoing as the artisan / craftperson / merchant has time throughout the day.

  • Rope making
  • Net weaving
  • Hand sewing and knitting
  • Minting coins
  • Apothecary
  • Leather item creation and repair
  • Working with furs
  • Scribal painting and calligraphy
  • Card weaving
  • Small blade sharpening and maintenance
  • Clothing, jewelry, and other garb
  • Medieval beads and other adornment   

See something interesting? don't hesitate to ask questions!

  • Ursulwyck villagers and merchants will be happy to discuss their area(s) of expertise with all courteous gentlefolk, time permitting.

  • Most SCAdians are delighted to discuss their garb or SCA experience with you, but please understand if they have to run, as our all-volunteer staff has significant responsibilities during this event.

  • We will have designated staff available to answer your questions, or see the resources on the Chatelaine's table near the exit to Ursulwyck village.


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