Ursulmas Medieval Faire will return January 25 - 26, 2020

  • This event is INDOORS. We try to keep the buildings heated, but as always in Washington, layers are your friend.

  • You do not have to dress up in costume. Sneakers, jeans, and other typical "street attire" are perfectly acceptable. 

  • If you do decide to dress in costume ("garb"), please keep in mind that this is not a pirate, fairy, or other fantasy faire; the clothing worn by SCA members is an accurate representation what would have been worn at a certain historical time and location. Most people are more than happy to discuss their garb if they're not trying to get

  • There are bleachers around the fighting areas ("erics") and some chairs and tables available to eat on. You may certainly bring a comfy camp-style chair if you wish, but of course we cannot take responsibility for it.
  • Driving Directions  

  • If taking public transit, check Community Transit for current bus schedules and stop locations.

  • There will be food and beverages sold on site, including a beer garden. Alternately, visit nearby restaurants.

  • There are numerous restrooms on site. Family-style restrooms with baby-changing stations are located in both Buildings 100 and 200.
  • For the health and safety of visitors and animals, no pets are allowed. 

  • ATMs are located in Buildings 100 and 200.

  • Selfie sticks and drones are prohibited on the Fairgrounds.

  • No smoking, vaping, or use of tobacco or marijuana is allowed on the Fairgrounds at any time.

For other policies and FAQ, visit the official website at https://evergreenspeedway.com/



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