The following merchants have been confirmed for Ursulmas 2019. Come shop Merchant's Row!

~ This list will be updated as more merchants are confirmed. ~

Dark Ages Games

Medieval games from around the world.

Costumes and Wardrobes Unlimited

Medieval clothing and accessories for the whole family.

Dragonstorm Sports

Leather clothing and accessories; custom work a specialty. Custom bladesmith crafting handmade knives and swords.

Firefox Fashions

Clothing and leather goods.

Gaean Allusions Pottery

Wheel-thrown, hand-decorated utilitarian stoneware : mugs, goblets, plates, bowls, etc. with Celtic and Historical designs.
Etsy: GaeanAllusionsStudio
Instagram: @gaeanallusions, @freyednot

Gunga Jen's Designs

Leather belts, pouches, maille, blades, decorated (armored!) stuffed animals, and occasionally consignment clothing items.

Hawk and Dove Leather

Hand-made leather belts, pouches, quivers, mugs, bottles, and other period leather goods. I can also perform repairs.

Horse 'n Round

Handspun yarn, spinning supplies, and original patterns (including the new Swedish Band loom woodworking pattern), spindles, lucets, and finished fiber accessories. I will also be demoing either spinning or band weaving.

Iris and Quentin's Home Candle Manufactory

Soy jar candles and palm wax pillar candles.

Keltic Kraze

Pyrography enhanced wooden household items, kitchen utensils, Dishes, bookmarks, keychains, Combs and furniture.

Nordic Trader

Early Scandinavian jewelry and personal items.

Occam's Edge

Historic Weaponry, including a wide selection of Damascus and high carbon blades; Celtic and Nordic accessories; and high quality historic Flintlocks.


Fabric, books, trim, and other assorted delights.

Redwolf LTD

Brooches, Hairpins, Belts with Handmade Buckles, Pewter Castings, Cloak Clasps, Torcs, Circlets, "turtles" and more.

Sidequest Forge

A small family business creating knives, stone and glass jewelry, leather goods, garb, and other miscellaneous medieval inspired goods.

Silverthorne Leatherworks

Leatherwork and chain mail.
Facebook: Silverthorne.Leatherworks
Twitter: @SilverthorneAA
Instagram: Silverthorne_Leatherworks

Sparrowhawk Studio

Spinning, weaving and needlework supplies. Books and some jewelry.

Stones & Bones: Amazonian Skirts and Wear

We sell a variety of tribal linen panel skirts-all designed with our own spin on the Amazonian Woman. These skirts are hand beaded with semi precious gem stones, lost wax African brass trade beads, Ethiopian/Indian/vintage silver, and a wide variety of bones. We also offer vegan options using faux leather, suede, and furs.
Instagram: st0nes.and.b0nes

The Creativity Works

Clothing and accessories for adult and child alike in early period style with the occasional foray into later periods.


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