Aquaterra Champions takes place August 24-26, 2018.


Hear ye, hear ye...

Our glorious Barony seeks new Champions!

If you intend to seek a Championship, please familiarize yourself with the Requirements for Champions.

Site opens to all 3pm on Friday; site closes 3pm Sunday. 
Championships are on Saturday and Sunday - the Sable Rose (equestrian) tournament will be held Sunday.

Event Schedule


8 AM  Event setup begins
3 PM  Gate opens to the populace


8 AM Gate opens to all
 9 AM Morning Court
 +30 minutes
after Court
Heavy Championship
 11 AM Youth Defender
 12 NOON Rapier Championship
 1 PM Archery Championship
 2 PM Equestrian Championship
 2 PM Games Championship
 2 PM

A&S Open House

 3 PM Thrown Championship
 5 PM Bardic Championship finals
 5 PM Evening Social
 7 PM Evening Court
After Court Moonviewing and Heian Poetry (see class schedule below)

Saturday Classes

  • Persona Development - HL Samira al Wadi
    Drop in and visit the enchanted grounds by the fighting erics Saturday during the tournaments and visit with Her Ladyship Samira Al Wadi, our very own Golden Swan, to discuss and learn about persona development. All levels are welcome!

  • Viking Age Cooking Introduction, Youth and Adults - Lord Armin Elfsten
    You have two chances Saturday to learn about Viking Age cooking from this year's Good Yule chef. All ages are welcome, but 8-12 year olds will get the most out of the classes. Supplies are provided and there is no class fee. Topics may include gröt, fiskr and butter, and Cooking with a Hammer: Harðfiskur. Participants get to eat their assignments.

  • Moonviewing and Heian Poetry - HL Tachibana Tsukime
    Come relax under the full moon and learn about Heian poetry jams. Bring some ready-to-go Haikus and Wakas, write some on the spot, or just sit back, sip some tea, and enjoy the view. There will be a telescope available to view the moon more directly. Feel free to bring food to eat or share. No class fee.

Light of the Full Moon
inspires all our wakas.
Will your hokkus please?

  • Favor Making - Lady Lucia Gemma Di Ursino
    Learn about favors as used in the SCA and favors from history. Make your own favor while watching the tournaments. A small quantity of pre-made favors for kids to decorate will also be available. Supplies provided, no class fee.



 8 AM Gate opens to all
10 AM Sable Rose Tournament (Equestrian)
12 NOON Rapier Tournament
3 PM Site closed

Champions Volunteer Registration

Thank you for taking the time to volunteer!

Our new form is available so you can Register to Volunteer for Aquaterra Champions 2018!

Please send feedback on the volunteer form itself to the Webminister so we can improve.

Merchant Row

Creativity Works

  • Clothing

Keltic Kraze

  • Wood products and accessories

Rings of Steel Creations

  • Chainmaille jewelry and accouterments including chain mail with unusual weaves for bracelets, necklaces and more.


Request for Letters of Intent for Champions

Greetings Good People of Aquaterra,

For the upcoming Champion’s event, to be held on the weekend of August 24th, we would like to receive Letters of Intent from the entrants in all disciplines.
The Letter of Intent can be delivered to us prior to the event or when the entrants present themselves in morning Court.

We will call up the entrants for each discipline to present themselves to us and to those present.
We will award extra points to those who make use of period techniques, make use of excellent creativity, or entertain in the execution of their Letter of Intent.

We will allow entrants from outside the Barony as long as they intend to carry out the duties of a Champion should they be successful in claiming that title.

We look forward to seeing a grand turn-out of entrants to show off the skills of our populace and neighboring friends.

 - Baron Bryson & Baroness Angharad

Site Description

This site is a flat, open field about 25 acres in size.

There will be a dumpster on site. It belongs to the site owners and we have permission to use it for the event. Please be conservative and considerate.

Well-behaved furry family members are welcome on site! Please be aware of potential fleas and ticks in the area.
Island County requires proof of rabies vaccination to be at hand. This means collar tags or paper proof of vaccination.

Smoking in designated areas only. No smoking allowed in camps or in the field due to fire risk.

Alcohol - This site is discreetly wet. No underage drinking; use period containers; be discreet; enjoy responsibly. Remember we are guests.

There is no electrical power. There is very limited cell service.

There is potable water on site. It is recommended you bring drinking water, but we will have access to water (hose) during this event. 

If you're fighting or otherwise active, you may need much, much more water than usual.  Here is a custom water consumption calculator is predicting 80 degree weather for the weekend!

Encouraging a new way to reference RV campers that isn't as offensive as the current terminology.

The An Tin Clan

RVs, you are boondocking. 
There are no water or power hookups, although there is a hose for adding more potable water to the tank.

There are no dump facilities on site, but there is one at Anacortes Park and one at the wastewater treatment plant in Anacortes that have rinse water and do not charge a fee. Check hours for availability.

Event Fees

  Weekend Saturday Only Sunday Only
Adult  $20 $15 $10
Youth 0-17 Free Free Free

SCA Member discount: -$5