Boar's Hunt will return May 29 - 31, 2020


The horn sounds with a burst of urgency and promise, calling forth our hunters to chase their prey! Join the great Barony of Aquaterra in this, our most glorious Boars Hunt! Come engage in our long-running match between the Hunters of the wild and the Beasts that are as dangerous as their pursuers. Revel in the beauty of our lands while earning your word fame alongside worthy compatriots, and sharing the tales of honor and friendships past in story and song with the wonderful populace of An Tir!


Directions to the Masonic Family Park

This event is being held at the beautiful Masonic Park in Granite Falls, WA.

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Boar's Hunt is NOT on Memorial Day

Boar's Hunt takes place the weekend of May 29th; Memorial Day weekend for 2020 is the previous weekend, May 22th.