Banner War takes place September 13-15, 2019

2019 Banner War Seeks Autocrat / Event Steward

Interested in being Autocrat / Event Steward for Banner War?

Contact the Seneschal for more information.

As the dust dies down...

Congratulations to House Gremlin, winner of the 2018 Banner War and the Chest o' Loot!

Also, congratulations to House Gremlin on their reception of the Order of the Silver Dolphin service award and the 20th anniversary of the founding of their household.


Aur Fans was also awarded the Order of the Silver Dolphin for significant, long-term service to the Barony as a unit.

Redwolf LTD received a Merchant Commendation for consistent excellence, audience appeal, and coming to basically every event.

War Potato finished a far, far distant second, followed by the Reavers and Nomads, who graciously ceded their points to the Gremlins in honor of their birthday.


... until next year...