Banner War Breaking News

There's always time for one more last minute...

  • RV Reservations are FULL. If you have not yet registered and arrive in an RV, there will be space but you will be boondocking. There are no more hookups available.

  • Our goal is to allow as many and as varied a competition as possible. To that end, we are reworking the YAC and Bardic Contests to allow separate winners of the War Point and the Championship. Everyone can compete for a War Point, without competing for the Championship. We will publish the new rules as soon as we lock them down.

Rally to My Banner! Let’s Win This Thing!

Anyone with a banner – ANY BANNER – can create a team for Banner War.
Raise your flag at Opening Court Saturday morning, ante up, and you are in!

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Official List of War Point Events

Details for each War Point Event will be announced as they are finalized by the Event Staff. There will be 27.
The event schedule will be posted as soon as it's finished.

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Event Schedule

Note that Gate will close at midnight on Friday night and there is NO GATE on Sunday.

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Site Description

The Masonic Family Park is large and heavily wooded.

There is no cell phone service. 

You will need to bring cash and/or checks to cover Gate and anything that catches your fancy on Merchant's Row

Event Fees

  Weekend Saturday Only Sunday Only
Adult  $25 $15 $10
Youth 0-17 Free Free Free


Subtract $5 for blue-card-carrying members or active military discount (Gate's discretion).

Merchant's Row

The following merchants have been confirmed for Banner War 2018. Come shop Merchant's Row!

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Cook's Camp added to Banner War

Banner War will be here soon!
Maestra Fiamma would like to invite all to visit the Cooks Camp.

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Heavy Fighter War Points

There will be 4 fighting War Points:

  • 1st war point will be awarded to the best war band
  • 2nd war point will be awarded to the war band that shows the most chivalry upon the field
  • 3rd war point will be awarded to the war band that wins the most battle scenarios
  • 4th and final war point will be awarded to the winner of the Champion’s Battle

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Live Scoreboard - Make Your Banner Today!


In keeping with the spirit of Banner War, there will be a new way to display each war band's war points as they win them throughout the event.
This display will be central to the site, either in Merchants Row or in the area around the games pavilion. 

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How do War Points Work?

When you win a War Point Event, you will be given a physical War Point Token.

You can give that token to any banner team you wish.

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