Rally to My Banner! Let’s Win This Thing!

Anyone with a banner can create a team! Bring your banner to Opening Court, ante up, and you are in!
Banners do not have to be complicated, but they do have to be family-friendly.

IMPORTANT: You do NOT have to be "on a team" to participate or win points! Everyone can play!

Each competing team, no matter how small, will provide a mini-banner for the Scoreboard and some loot for the War Chest.
Teams can contribute whatever they feel appropriate. Everything from trinkets and toys to bits of armor, gifts from the merchants, crafting supplies, jewelry, weapons, food, clothes, cooking gear - whatever you can think of, it's probably been in there.

War Points are awarded for various contests from martial combat to artistry and skill to silly games and contests.

The winner of a War Point Event will be given a physical War Point Token. You can donate your token to your favorite team - or wait for the bribes to roll in. A point token may change hands any number of times until it placed on the scoreboard. Once it's scored, that's it. All points must be on the Scoreboard by the end of Closing Court. The team with the most War Points wins the event and ALL THE LOOT!

Check the schedule, watch the score board, cheer on your favorite team, have fun, and win points!

War Point Scoreboard - Make Your Mini-Banner Today!

Each competing war band is represented by a mini-banner on the Scoreboard. The winner of each contest is given a physical War Point token. The mini-banner is taken out of the hole that it is in, the token is placed in that hole, and the mini-banner is moved up to the next.

It's best to prepare your team's mini-banner ahead of time. There may be minimal materials available on site, but you shouldn't count on it.
The team banner and the scoring banner are not the same; each team should have a large, identifying banner for use in Court.

Specs for the mini-banners:

  • no more than 10 inches wide
  • no more than 12 inches long
  • Need to be able to attach to a 1.25" dowel at the top. Ties or a pocket sleeve are fine. 
  • Doesn't have to be pretty or sophisticated.
  • Does have to be family-friendly.

You can easily tell who is winning - their banner is highest!.... for now .... 
Points may not be scored immediately; winners may wait as late as Closing Court to decide.