• To swear an oath of fealty or service to the Barony
  • To defend the honor and prestige of the Barony and the Kingdom of An Tir, whenever challenged.
  • To support the Barony in war and/or enter A&S competition for war points.
  • To attend and support Aquaterra events such as Boars Hunt in June, Warren War in August, Banner War in September, and Ursulmas in January. The Champion will be expected to return to defend their title or pass along title and regalia to the next Victor at the following year’s Championship competition in March or April, unless permission is received from the Coronet not to do so.
  • To stand behind the chairs during Baronial Court at events.
  • To maintain membership in the Society during the champion’s term of service.
  • To speak or act in the Coronets’ name when delegated to do so.
  • To actively further the interests of the area of endeavor through teaching the populace of Aquaterra or through performance.
  • To suggest an outline to the Coronets for the competition in their area of expertise in the following year’s Championship.