Greetings unto the people of the great Barony of Aquaterra,

We have now served as your chosen Baron and Baroness for many months now. When Their Majesties placed the coronets on our heads, they gave unto us the responsibility to care for, protect and nurture the Barony and the people who are the Barony. This is a task we take very seriously and we will work with you to uphold the trust placed in us by the Crown and by you the people of the Barony.

We want to make our time as your Coronets a time of fun, pageantry and growth! If you have ideas, take the time to come find us. We will make time to listen and talk with you! If you want to try something new, come find us and we will help you meet the right people! Bring your banners to events, if you don’t have one, we know people! If you’re not having fun, come find us. We will ask a bard to tell a tale of great deeds or find someone to challenge you to a game of chance.

There are many challenges that come with this position but there are many joys as well. We hope that you will continue to work with us in building on the ideas and traditions that have made Aquaterra great and in implementing new ideas that will bring even more glory to our people and lands! Aquaterra belongs to all of us!

In Service,

Baron Bryson MacLachlan

Per bend azure and sable all estencely, a tyger rampant argent. 


Baroness Angharad Banadaspus Drakenhefd

Argent, a horse courant sable between two bars purpure between three roses sable and for augmentation, in chief an ancient crown sable.