My To-Do list is at the bottom below the progress blog so you know what's on the horizon.
Don't hesitate to send me an email if you feel the site's missing something specific that you don't see listed.

Whew! Lots to do..

December 2018

Moving forward into the new year, there have been lots of changes and teething troubles as we moved to our new host - and took our vanity URLs with us! 

Some of the projects on the horizon include:

  • Getting some help. This is getting too big for one person.
  • Getting the Reeds functional again (work in progress).
  • Getting some art and generally sprucing up the site.
  • Finishing and finalizing our move to the new host. *whew*
  • Improving the mobile experience.
  • Completing the Awards section.
  • Enhancing the Newcomer's section.
  • Adding more links to our various group and guild resources.
  • Restoring the Sargeantry resources.
  • Creating archives for 2018 events

And we'll start to realize the benefits of having all of last year's information ready for re-use.

July 27, 2018

  • Added Letters of Intent to Candidate profiles
  • Changed the entire Calendar; the original one was just ugly and didn't function consistently. Happily we're not stuck with bad choices.

July 25, 2018

  • Updated the Candidate photo layout; page scaling was making some images appear larger than others and that's not fair.
  • Updated the Candidate resumes to remove modern and personal information.
  • Added the full event schedule and reservation form to the Champion's page. Removed the Feast pricing from the table (there is no Feast).
  • I think the Hear Ye! spot for hot news is working well.

July 19, 2018

  • Added the Candidates' resumes. This was delayed a couple days as I was out of town, but it's up now.
  • Updated Champions to include potable water, clarified the bardic and archery champions, and added the details for Youth champion.
  • Posted the meeting minutes that I have; not sure where previous minutes might be but we ought to post as many as we have. Another research project. :P
  • Added the Baronial service awards. Will add A&S and the others soon. Listing youth awards in with the others in the same category.
  • Added more content to the Newcomer's page.

July 13, 2018

  • I decided the new Volunteer Registration form was too big to stuff into a regular page, so it opens in its own page.
    I'll add some nicer formatting around it when I get a moment. Hopefully we can get some serious re-use out of this. 

  • Calendar now opens in its own window too.
    This gives people plenty of room to READ the TEXT, which as we get older, is just too dang small.

  • The new initiative to make events repeatable means we don't put stuff up on Google or anywhere else any more. 
    Everything goes on the site. We'll modify the registration form as we get user feedback and keep on using it.

  • I put in a little whimsical heraldry I created for The An Tin Clan.
    I feel that the current appellation of "the RV ghetto" is more than a little offensive and should be retired, so I have offered an alternative.
    Nothing official (yet) although I did check to ensure it doesn't conflict with registered devices.

  • Finished the Neighbors page. Looks pretty nice, imho.

Before That

  • Most sub-areas stubbed out to begin collecting content
  • Collected legal requirements, waivers, and disclaimers in Webminister's corner
  • Restored meeting / practice calendar 
  • Back-end work to get site up and running
  • Redirected,, and to the new site.