Special equipment required:

  • 30 pound combat bow
  • 6 combat arrows (loaner combat arrows will be available)


Competition details subject to change depending on weather and site considerations determined at time of competition.

  1. Combat Arrow Clout Shoot
    Flat target on ground at 40-100 yards, determined at time of competition.
    Scoring determined by resting location of arrow in relation to center of target. Multiple archers per round.

  2. Combat Arrow Flying Target Shoot
    Targets thrown into air. Six targets, one combat arrow per target. One point per target. One archer per round.

  3. Standard Arrow Elevated Slot Shoot
    Multiple targets at non-described ranges. Shooting from elevated platform through a slot. Timed shoot, 45 seconds. One arrow per target.
    Flat ground target, scoring by proximity to target. One archer per round.

  4. Standard Arrow Random Range Shoot
    Six arrows, one per arrow at random ranges, between 40 and 5 yards from target.
    Standard flat range. Multiple archers per round.

  5. Standard Arrow Friend and Foe Shoot
    Multiple balloons of two colors on target. Positive points for one color, negative points for other color. Simulates shooting into battle melee. One archer per round.

  6. Shoot-Off: Standard Arrow Tic-Tac-Toe Shoot
    Top two competitors. Block is claimed only when called and hit. Arrow must not touch lines. Two archers, back and forth between shots. Best of 3.