Our Bardic Championship will be held at Good Yule 2019 – November 23rd. We are asking that declarations be made in a Bardic style on Saturday September 14th. These declarations are to be held during the Saturday evening Bardic at Banner War.

As we understand modern life comes first and you wish to compete for Bardic Champion but are unable to attend Banner War, your written declaration in the form of poetry or prose must be presented in person or by email no later than 11:59pm Saturday September 14th.

Please email us with any questions.

In service to Aquaterra, Bearwood, and the Crown of An Tir,
Geirleikr Veðrsson Hersir & Sheika Zahra bint al-Rammah
Coronets of Aquaterra and the Canton of Bearwood

Barony of Aquaterra Bardic Championship 2019


Anyone may compete provided they are willing and able to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined below. All competitors are required to communicate their desire to participate in the Championship in a Bardic style on Saturday September 14th during the evening Bardic at Banner War. If the person is unable to attend Banner War, a written declaration in the form of poetry or prose must be presented in person or by email no later than 11:59 pm Saturday September 14th. The Letter of Intent should contain the competitor’s SCA and modern name, contact information, whether they wish to swear fealty or an oath of service to the Baron and Baroness and a brief description of their intended entries. Intent must be received no later than 11:59 pm Saturday September 14, 2019.

What to Enter: Bardic

Each entrant will perform two items from the following list of categories. Competitors must select entries from two different categories. An entry may be a period piece or an original piece in a period style written by either the entrant or in collaboration with another.  At least one of the entries is to be a documentable period piece. Group entries are permitted so long as the competitor’s contribution is easily distinguished from that of the rest of the group or the competitor performs a significant portion of the piece solo. The entries should be in good taste and audience appropriate. Please keep the judge’s’ need to evaluate all performances in mind when considering the length of your entries.


Judging will be based on presentation, skill, authenticity, complexity and documentation.

Presentation - how the piece is performed for the audience, familiarity with the piece, audience appeal and confidence

Skill - the degree of talent demonstrated, mechanics of the chosen performing art

Authenticity - show if the piece is period or created in a period style, this can be done with documentation and presentation of the entry; the judging will then be based on whether the submission is as close to an actual period piece as possible

Complexity - the level of difficulty demonstrated in the piece, skill and knowledge required to perform the entry

Documentation – no more than one page per piece, specify the processes used to research and/or create the piece; for original pieces explain the source of your inspiration. Documentation may include the period, culture and name of the piece and period examples - other items may be included as appropriate.

Categories for Bardic

Categories include, but are not limited to, definitely not limited to, the following:

Music - vocal or instrumental

Spoken - storytelling, poetry, drama

Physical - dance, acrobatics, juggling, other (such as magicians, jesters, etc)

Duties & Responsibilities of the Bardic Champion

Sponsor Bardic activities at Aquaterra events and whenever the need arises; may include sponsoring or assisting with Bardic circles or competitions at Kingdom or other events

Involve themselves in Bardic Competitions throughout the Kingdom of An Tir

Attend the competition the following year, assist in the planning and execution of the competition and in the selection of the new Champion

Conduct themselves with courtesy, humility and honor

Serve as a role model and be an inspiration to the Barony and the Kingdom of An Tir

Should the Champion fail to uphold the standards as stated, Their Excellencies will ask the Champion to step down; Their Excellencies may then choose an acting replacement, leave the position vacant for the remainder of the term, or hold another competition to choose a new Champion

Rights and Privileges of the Bardic Champion

Bear and display the Champion’s regalia

Stand near the Baronage in court and at events when practical

Speak or act in the name of the Baron and Baroness when delegated to do so