Release Forms

You can fill out and send the completed and signed forms electronically. A digital signature is acceptable.
This summary should help you choose which form is appropriate. For more details, you may consult the Webminister's Handbook.

The SCA Creative Work Copyright Assignment/Grant of Use Form is needed for all original articles, poems, artwork, etc.
It is not required for officer letters, general information, or event notices.

The SCA Photograph Grant of Use Form is needed for all photographs.

The SCA Model Release Form is needed when you are posting portrait-style images or photographs (images focusing on one or a few recognizable individuals); photos/images taken at private spaces at events; or photos/images taken at non-public venues. This form is required when an individual’s facial features are identifiable (not obscured by helmets, garb, shadowing, etc) in the photograph. 

The SCA Model Release Form is not needed when the images are taken at a public place and in a public forum, including any SCA contest or competition, merchants’ row, court, class, etc. where there is no expectation of privacy. This category is commonly considered "group photos" where the image is of the populace at large and not any particular individual. The SCA Model Release Form is not needed if the person’s face is not recognizable, even if their heraldry serves as a clear indicator. 

Even if there is a signed Model Release form on File, an image or photograph which is published electronically must be removed upon the request of anyone in the photo or at the request of the photographer. Please contact the Webminister with such requests.