New Seneschal Events Deputy (SED)

From the desk of Dame Rosamund, Seneschal Aquaterra:

Greetings everyone,

It is my pleasure to announce that I have appointed HL Jade Redstone as Seneschal Events Deputy (SED). Last year our Barony had several paperwork timing shortfalls, and I believe having the second sight of a deputy will help all of us keep on track.

In this position she will be following event SCA administrative progress and assisting me in supporting the Barony’s recruitment and support of event stewards, as I have done in the past.

The SED will track:

  • Obtaining site contracts for all events
  • Obtaining work-order contracts from Honey Bucket

Support event teams to insure deadlines are met for

  • Date Reservation Forms to Calendar
  • Event Information Forms (EIF) to Kingdom Calendar
  • Crier copy submission to the Kingdom Chronicler
  • Requesting Insurance documentation, and when needed purchasing additional insurance riders from SCA Inc.
  • Paperwork submittal and fee payments for any needed permits from City and County permitting
  • Other deadline driven event needs that may come up for an event              

The SED will be a resource for event teams in areas of

  • Site walkthroughs and space layout as needed
  • Ensuring site setup meets fire and life safety codes 
    (I think we need to document these so it’s easy for event stewards to find and self-manage)

It is not intended that the SED:

  • Be a member of an Event Team unless requested by the team, or the Seneschal’s office
  • Be required to attend Event Team planning meetings unless requested by the team or directed by the Seneschal’s Office
  • Be a mentor for event teams per se, but they will seek to pair mentors with teams when asked

On the Baronial planning level The SED will

  • Work with the Webminister to automate forms, calendars, and other event management tools to streamline the work of event management and information sharing
  • Work with Kingdom officers to expedite event team efforts as needed 
    (Needed rather than asked I believe makes it easier when you say “Team –the SED needs to step in here”)
  • Develop and keep up to date a list of local and regional media outlets, their contacts and deadlines for submission for event teams to market their public events.
  • Develop and keep current tools and resources in an online “Event Steward” toolbox

In service to An Tir and Aquaterra

Dame Rosamund
Seneschal Aquaterra