New Officers: How to Access Your Office 365 Account

Congratulations - you're an officer now! Here's how to get the password changed so you can access your official Office 365 account.

Here's the process.

      1. If you don't already know it, look up your official email address on the Contact Us page. 

      2. File a support ticket with Kingdom to change the password.
        1. Go to the support page.
        2. In the upper right, click New Support Ticket.
        3. In the Requester field, enter your modern name.
        4. In the Subject field, enter "New officer needs O365 password reset".
        5. In the Type field, select "Email/O365 Related".
        6. In the Description field, type what barony you're from and what office / email address you're taking over. Also include an email address where you can receive your new login information.
        7. You do not need to attach a file; ignore that.
        8. Click the "I'm not a robot" checkbox and then click Submit.

      3. Email a copy of your password to the Baronial Webminister.
        This allows our Webminister to function as your first line of tech support without having to wait for Kingdom.

      4. In response to that email, your Webminister will email you a list of handy how-tos and FAQs for wrangling Office 365.

Remember, best practice is do not forward your SCA address to a personal address.
In the event of legal action involving the SCA, you just do not want to have to turn over all of your personal emails (!!) as part of a subpoena.