Greetings unto the Populace of the Great Barony of Aquaterra,

This month, we will have served as Baron and Baroness here for three years, and as such, our time has come to pass on the torch of serving the Kingdom and Barony. We have had three worthy couples put forth their names as potential successors. We have two Meet & Greet sessions scheduled for the potential candidates to meet with the populace prior to the polling date of August 12th. The Investiture of our successors will be held at Ursulmas in January.

While the polling for our successors is on the horizon, we still have six more months to continue working with the amazing people of this Barony. We have Aquaterra Championships coming up at the end of August and we look forward to watching the competitions for those who will serve as our Champions next. We encourage everyone to try their hand at competing this year.

In September, we look forward to the fun of another Banner War. Start raising your troops to compete in the many activities that are available for those of all ages. Get your banners ready to hoist to the skies to represent your group. Come December, we will travel the Silk Road at Good Yule and raise a toast to all who are present and those we miss from our company.

Our Baronial Progress is below. There may be other events added and we will let it be known if that occurs.

7/20-22 Oertha Coronet/Investiture

8/24-26 Aquaterra Champions

8/31 – 9/3 September Crown

9/14-16 Banner War

10/27 Midhaven Harvest Feast

12/1 Good Yule


1/11-13 12th Night

1/25-27 Ursulmas

Our populace is always welcome to join us in the Baronial Pavilion at events we attend. We like to have the opportunity to visit with all of you as time allows.


In Service to An Tir & the Barony of Aquaterra,

Heraldry of AquaterraBaron Bryson & Baroness Angharad