Baronial Service Awards

Order of the Silver Dolphin

This is a first level service award.

The person being considered to receive this award should have played in the Barony for a minimum of a year and have consistently participated in work parties, volunteered for event functions such as gate, constabulary, marshaling, etc., been willing to do set up and/or take down for events and other functions, and just generally been ready and able to offer a helping hand without being prodded.

Order of the Golden Estoile


This is the second level service award.

A person being considered to receive this award has probably played with the Barony more than five years and has consistently given of his or her time and talents during that entire time. This person may have held several offices or autocratted many events or cooked many feasts, or may even have been a member of the Sergeantry for several years. He or she should have already received a Silver Dolphin.

Order of the Green Bear

This is the third level service award.

We do not expect to give out more than 3 or 4 of these awards during any 12-month period of time. The person being considered for this award would have a long history of consistent selfless service to the Barony and would probably already have been given a Silver Dolphin and a Golden Estoile or have performed an unusual and outstanding service which was beyond the usual level of expectation of one of our members.

Order of the Seahorse (Youth Award)

This is a youth-only award.

The youth who is being considered for this award would be one who actively volunteers to help others by doing such tasks as water-bearing, running errands, and helping set up or take down event sites.