Baronial Arts & Sciences Awards

Order of the Plate


This is the first level arts and sciences award.

A person who is being considered for this award is always ready to contribute to the beauty of events through decorations, the knowledge base of the Barony through participating in arts and sciences contests and/or through teaching their skills to others.

Order of the Blue Stag


This is the second level arts and sciences award.

A person who is being considered for this award should have already received a Plate. They should have a long history of consistently being available to teach or otherwise share their skills or knowledge. They have probably held office as Baronial scribe, herald, minister of arts and sciences, or one of the deputy positions such as bardic or dance deputy. They may have won championships within our own or other branches, or taught Ithra classes. They may have made items of regalia. They may be a Courtier within the Sergeantry for several years. 

Order of the Blue Kraken


This third level award was created to honor those persons sustaining a desire to share their talents, skills and knowledge and who promote an interest and understanding in others of the arts and sciences for the glory of the Baron, the Baroness, and the Barony of Aquaterra. It is given in recognition to those who have added to the beauty and pageantry of the Barony and have helped to increase the interaction of the populace with the arts and sciences.

Order of the Butterfly (Youth Award)


The youth who is being considered for this award is not only interested in creating arts and sciences items and entering arts and sciences competitions, but also is willing to teach their skills to others