Anyone with a banner – ANY BANNER – can create a team for Banner War.
Raise your flag at Opening Court Saturday morning, ante up, and you are in!

As a competing team, you will have until Noon on Saturday to provide a small banner for the Scoreboard. 
Scoreboard banner Specs are Here

Each Banner team must ante up. Each team donates some loot to a War Chest. Teams can donate whatever they feel appropriate. Everything from trinkets and toys to bits of armor, gifts from the merchants, you name it.

The team with the most War Points at Sunday Closing Court wins the event and ALL THE LOOT!
War Points are awarded for various contests from martial combat to artistry and skill to silly games and contests.

We’ll be handing out points all weekend.
Check the schedule, watch the score board, cheer on your favorite team or lend a hand and win some points!

Best of luck,

~ HL Volund
Autocrat, Banner War 2018