Thank you for your interest in vendoring at our SCA events!

Please read the following form carefully, submit it, and you will be contacted.

~ Before you Begin, Please Read  ~

The SCA is a non-profit historical educational society. We work hard to preserve the historically accurate and authentic atmosphere of all our events, and that includes Merchant's Row.

If your merchandise is mostly or only modern, pop-culture, fantasy, fairy, pirate, princess, "adult", steampunk, science-fiction, or other similar items, we appreciate your interest, but our events are not an appropriate venue.

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~ Policy Awareness Checks ~

I understand that filling out this form is an application, not a reservation, and it will be reviewed.*
My booth should enhance the Medieval atmosphere of this event and not detract from it. I will make a reasonable attempt at an appropriate presentation, including my own clothing. My display must remain tasteful and minor-friendly.*
I understand that all universal business identifiers (aka: UBI, tax registration number, business license number) may be checked for validity at any time and are required by SCA policy and county law.*
My merchant fee will vary depending on event and may or may not include gate fees. All merchants and helpers must be able to produce a site token if asked.*
My booth must be open for business during all public event hours. Packing / leaving early is not permitted.*
I may make arrangements to sleep in my booth or elsewhere depending on available options. I am solely responsible for the safety of my booth, merchandise, and other personal belongings*
If you require accommodation, have questions, or would like to include links to photos, etc to help the review committee make a decision, please do so here. If you have vendored at other recent SCA events, you can list those here.

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